September 5, 2017

Fall for prAna: Sustainable Fall Style

This post was created in partnership with prAna. Clothes were provided complimentary by prAna, opinions are provided solely by me.

With school starting up this week around these parts and a bit of an added chill in the air, I am feeling that never-seems-to-leave-you feeling of fall freshness and a new year. I'm in my thirties and haven't been in school for some time now but I never seem to lose that feeling of a crisp new year starting. I'm usually ready around this time to leave my summer clothes behind and start adding on the layers. I love summer but I am an autumn girl at heart. The season is rather fleeting here in Michigan as we move into full blown winter pretty quickly so I have to enjoy it while I can!

prAna recently contacted me to try out a few pieces from their fall collection. I thought this might be the perfect way to dip myself into some comfy autumn gear - something my wardrobe actually lacks! I've never been much of a tshirt and jeans kind of girl so when I get in that mood to throw some comfies on, I lack pieces that are things I would actually want to go out of the house in. Faded cotton sweatpants paired with my husband's old t-shirt is not usually a look I like to share outside of my at home world. ;-) You're welcome.

Fall for prAna: Prepping for Fall

Chillin out maxin' relaxin' all cool warm... in my dropped shoulder pullover!


  • Jeans: c/o prAna - Kara Jean in cargo green [exact / use GHFF15 for 15% off!]
  • Sweatshirt: c/o prAna - Penelope Pullover in lacquered rose [exact / use GHFF15 for 15% off!]
  • Shirt: Canyon River Blues chambray tunic [bought FREE!]
  • Shoes: thrifted Aerosoles [similar]
  • Glasses: Bonlook Skunkboy Twinkle Tort [exact]
  • Bracelet: vintage copper bangle bought at a church sale [similar]

Fall for prAna: Prepping for Fall

First, let's talk about these Kara jeans. Can I get an AMEN for jeans that fit in ALL areas? I often have an issue where my jeans might fit my legs well but then have a huge gap at my waist or require me to scoot them back up all the live long day. Not these. These jeans have the perfect amount of stretch without being too stretchy. I like the feeling of being "held in" without feeling like my clothes are too tight. These achieve that perfectly. They retail at $89.00 and are worth every penny because their cost per wear is going to essentially bring that cost to pennies.

I walked around Detroit in these over the weekend and didn't even think about what I was wearing... That's a true indication that these jeans are a winner. No adjustments necessary! If you take a look at their reviews, they have over 900 reviews with a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars! I am always nervous to buy jeans online without trying them on but after reading some reviews and reviewing their size chart, I bought my usual size 8. Personally, I find they fit very true to size as I have not a single complaint to make about the fit. And let's talk about those cuffs... I love that they have this awesome detail. One of my favorite "trends" right now is detailed denim - whether it be an interesting color, embroidery or other little details like that. I think this oversized cuff gives a cool different, edgy look over regular skinnies... but the best part is that the cuff isn't permanent and can be changed up! I love a piece of clothing that I can wear more than one way!

Fall for prAna: Prepping for Fall

Those cuffs, though!

Oh, and here is something important that we haven't talked about yet: prAna is also all about sustainability. Whether it is fair trade, recycled or organic, they do an exceptional job at creating pieces that are true to their aesthetic in a way that is also good to the rest of the world! For example, my jeans are made with 75% organic cotton. The use of organic cotton helps to cut down on the use of pesticides and fertilizers which is healthier for the cotton farmers and helps to preserve the biodiversity of the land they use to farm. You can learn more about the ways prAna is part of the sustainable clothing movement right here. If you've read my blog for a while or know me personally, you know I am a huge advocate of buying secondhand clothing. Over the last year, I've been learning more about the sustainable fashion movement and have been feeling a pull toward it in addition to my secondhand shopping. That being said, I'm delighted to try these pieces out from prAna and talk about that more with you guys going forward.

Fall for prAna: Prepping for Fall

The Penelope pullover was an easy choice to add to my closet. I liked the idea that it's a sweatshirt with a twist. I dressed it down here but am looking forward to layering it over some of my dresses to wear to work. The cowl neck gives it a more dressed up look than a normal sweatshirt. This is a great, lightweight layering piece that allows me to feel comfortable and warm without being too heavy or hard to pair with other pieces. I love the way my favorite chambray is peeking every so slightly out at the top. And going back to sustainability, this piece is fair trade factory certified and made with 60% organic cotton. I consider that a look good-feel good kind of piece and I look forward to adding more like that to my closet.

SHOP IT: prAna has kindly offered my readers a discount shopping code! Use promo code GHFF15 and get 15% OFF at Hurry - the code is only valid through NOVEMBER 20TH!

Disclosure: The Kara jeans and Penelope pullover were provided free of charge from prAna. Both products were selected by me, styled by me and all opinions shared are my honest thoughts. #fallforprAna

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