February 16, 2016

Wearing & Reviewing: Victoria Emerson Wrap Bracelet Review

Disclosure: Victoria Emerson provided me with a bracelet of my choice for free to wear and review. All thoughts written below are 100% mine.

If one does not post outfit pictures does one really get dressed?

HA! I kid, guys. Of course one gets dressed. I like to think I wear cute outfits almost daily (ok, let's be honest, every day cannot be a cute outfit day... sometimes it's just a "this will do" kind of day, ya know) but between life, the snow and cold air in Michigan, limited sunlit hours, dog time, planning a wedding and gym time... I never seem to get around to taking pictures of any of them! Life happens. Luckily, life slowed down a bit a couple weeks ago and I got a chance to convince my fiancé to snap a few photos of my outfit on our way to a relaxed family dinner.

OOTD with Victoria Emerson

  • Jean Jacket: thrifted Old Navy [almost exact match]
  • Stud Sweater: thrifted [cute tshirt option]
  • Maxi Skirt: thrifted and REVERSIBLE to a different animal print!
  • Boots: Blondo via Amazon [exact]
  • Wrap Bracelet: c/o Victoria Emerson [exact]
  • Glasses: Zenni Optical [exact]
  • Earrings: Gold hoops - an old gift from a previous AWESOME employer

I'm in the middle of a love affair with gold and skulls, guys. Random? Maybe. But there it is. Gold and skulls.

I've had this gold studded sweater in my closet for a few years now but seem to always forget about it. It's one of those 1980's kind of oversized, light poly sweaters that looks terrible on a hanger but once you have it on, you're like... hmm, this looks kind of cool and slouchy. Like, maybe I should be wearing this more often instead of just letting it hang for months on end without any wear. (This might also be an indication I have too many clothes. That's just a story for another day though.)

This maxi skirt embodies the perfect animal print. A little bit of tan, a little but of black - wearable with both color families. I found this particular skirt on a thrifting trip I did while on vacation a few years back in Traverse City, Michigan. I like my souvenirs to be thrifted too. So much more useable than a silly tourist trap souvenir you'll discard later on, am I right?

OOTD with Victoria Emerson

OOTD with Victoria Emerson

When Victoria Emerson reached out about sending a bracelet over to me, I eagerly agreed to try out one of their pieces and share my thoughts here on my little corner of the internet. I really liked what I saw on their site: pretty, affordable pieces of jewelry - exactly what the doctor ordered for Fashion Frugality! I chose the jet hematite and gold skulls on black wrap bracelet and could not be any happier with it. I absolutely love that it has a slight edge to it (hello, skulls) without being over the top. From far away, it simply looks like simple gold beads. Up close, fun skull arm party. (Does anyone use the word arm party anymore? I must be late to the party. Har har, get it?)

A few more good points - it is super easy to put the bracelet on yourself and, bonus, this type of bracelet works great for any wrist size! I have abnormally small wrists and sometimes find that a lot of bracelets are way too loose on me. Wearing a wrap bracelet like this means you can essentially customize it for your wrist size. In addition, while I love me some bangle bracelets, can we all agree that they are not desk work friendly? I mean, unless you like to listen to the sound of your bangles hit the desk every three seconds. I don't and I am quite sure my co-workers don't as well. That being said, this wrap bracelet is the perfect wear to work look! It has a close fit to your wrist, doesn't dangle and doesn't clang against your desk as you work. At $24, I consider this a great, affordable look.

Love my bracelet? Head on over to Victoria Emerson to get one for yourself or another piece of their beautiful jewelry. Right now you can save 20% with coupon code "fashionfrugal20"!


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