September 23, 2014

Channeling Jenna Lyons

I'm beginning to think that Jenna Lyons (president and executive creative director at J. Crew, if you don't know) is my spirit woman. I'd say spirit animal but she's obviously not that. The woman knows how to dress and I've caught on... she seems to always pair her eye catching glasses with the perfect topper. A jacket. A coat. A blazer. A button up. The woman always has the perfect topper - be it simple or be it statement, it always looks perfect and very HER. I love how she looks classic even when she is wearing something very un-classic. I decided to switch that up and paired my very un-classic glasses with a classic topper...

WIW: September 19, 2014
Jeans: Old Navy [exact for $22]
Blazer: Apostrophe, Thrifted [love this tuxedo jacket for $32.90!]
Tunic Button Up: Worthington, JCPenney [polka-dotted J. Crew for $24.99!]
Shoes: Franco Sarto, Thrifted [similar in patent leather for $17.70!]
Eyewear: Zenni Optical #636024 [exact - just $19!]
Monogram Bracelet: c/o 9th & Elm [exact]

WIW: September 19, 2014

There's something so delightfully easy about black and white, a blazer and a button up, denim and oxfords. I'd love to say I'd like to "simplify" my closet and cut myself down to all black and white pieces... but a girl just needs some color in her life. I do, at least. These glasses are one of my favorite colorful pieces. I get a lot of questions when I wear them: Are they real? As in, do I have prescription lenses? Yes, most certainly. My driving is better for it. :) Do they glow in the dark? Har har, no. But I guess that would be pretty cool. Does the color hurt your eyes? Only first thing in the morning when I am half awake. Only slightly kidding. Some people love them, some seem horrified by them. It's cool. I fully realize neon green is not every person's cup of tea. (I dislike tea, for the record.)

WIW: September 19, 2014

My favorite piece of jewelry right now is this perfectly sized monogram bracelet that I picked up thanks to 9th & Elm. I've been admiring monogrammed pieces for a while now but was never sure what type of piece I would want to get monogrammed for myself. When I saw this bracelet I knew it was the piece I had been looking for - silver, small but not too small, and affordable. It works well worn alone and also stacked with other bracelets.

WIW: September 19, 2014

Can we have a keeping it blogger-style real moment, please? First of all, yep, my shirt is hella wrinkly. These photos were taken around 7pm after a full work day, a walk with my new puppy and plenty of playing with my puppy. Wrinkles happen, man. Second of all, my fiancé (engagement/wedding stuff is another planned post, I'm getting there... I swear) told me I was wearing this bracelet wrong and made me fix it before I took photos so that my monogram is facing anyone in front of me instead of facing me. I feel like it is strange to wear that way. Am I wrong? Please school me: how do you/would you wear a monogram bracelet? Am I silly for wearing it facing me?


  1. You indeed channeled one of my style icons - love your shoes & glasses!!!


  2. This is totally Jenna. I think you described her look perfectly: classic with a twist. There's always something unconventional with her outfit. You nailed it with these fun glasses!


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