February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day: Red and Pink, of course!

Happy Valentine's Day, my sweetie pies! This just so happens to be one of my favorite holidays... ok, who am I kidding... I think I have expressed my love for every holiday to you guys. I will say, however, that Valentine's Day is especially near and dear to me because my boyfriend and I began officially dating on Valentine's Day ten years ago. Yep, he asked me to be his lady on Valentine's Day. Sweet and sappy - just how I like it. :)

WIW: Valentine's Day 2012 (Pink & Red EBEW)

Floral Skirt: INC, Thrifted (Value World), $3.10 
Red Blouse: Sears (vintage), Thrifted (Value World), $0.80 
Pink Blazer: Dialogue, Thrifted (Value World), $3.80 
Socks: Old as dirt 
Pin: Made by me! 
Boots: Fashionbug.com, $15 
Glasses: SEE Eyewear

Truthfully, I was already planning on wearing red and/or pink today to celebrate the holiday of love. It just so happens that Everybody, Everywear coincided this month with the holiday and the theme was red and pink. I've never worn the two together but have been admiring the combination from afar as quite a few fashionable ladies have been rocking the look lately. Always into trying something new (at least when fashion is concerned!), I gave it a go.

WIW: Valentine's Day 2012 (Pink & Red EBEW)

I would certainly say that my combination is a bit more reserved than most. I love the pairing of a vibrant light pink with a prominent red but felt like that may have been a little too wild to wear to work, even for me. Nah, I kept my red bright but added a pink that was close in color to the red and topped it (or, bottomed it, I guess) with a floral skirt that captured both colors.

WIW: Valentine's Day 2012 (Pink & Red EBEW)

I can't resist a great tie neck blouse. True story. It is closing in on my gingham obsession but not is not quite at that level yet. (And, yes, that is a cat toy on the ground. Just keeping it real for all of you.)

WIW: Valentine's Day 2012 (Pink & Red EBEW)

I made my pin the night before. It was something I have been thinking about doing for a while now but just haven't put into action. Finally decided to get off my duff and just do it... so I did. And I love it. And I have ideas swirling around for more. Here is to making it happen in 2012!

And now a little sap for the road...
WIW: Valentine's Day 2012 (Pink & Red EBEW)
I was wearing these socks the Valentine's night that my boyfriend and I became a couple. Yeah, they're pretty old and they are pretty worn (you're not seeing the giant hole on the bottom of my left foot...) but they have a soft spot in my sock drawer and heart. :)

Now, go on, get out of here and go hug the person, animal or thing you love. Valentine's Day may be a "made up holiday" but I'll take any reason to tell those I love that I love them - how about you?

Pink + Red | Everybody, Everywear


  1. cute outfit for Valentine's day, especially the floral skit!love it :)


  2. Love your color combo & the brooch

  3. ha- I have a distinct weakness for tie-neck blouses as well! I love this skirt! Such a great floral print and colourway.

    Your socks are adorable- I dare say I have a few such articles lying around that must be treasured forever...

  4. Your sap-ness is pretty much the best ever. Love the way that you rocked the look and I'm all about those sentimental socks. (I get attached to clothing items, too!) Your combo is very festive and I must say that I love it.

  5. I love your clash of pink and red. That flowery skirt is so gorgeous.

  6. YOU! LOOK! ADORBS!!! I love the combo of pink and red. Great outfit!

  7. Obsessed with this outfit! The shirt + blazer is awesome.Can't believe they were thrifted!

    Kini Style & The Klury Report

  8. I love this look Katie! You look so sweet and I want to steal this outfit!

  9. I think you look vibrant and lovely with all those colors :) Happy belated V day!

  10. What an adorable look...Love the bow blouse!

  11. Super sweet! Love the vintage flair of it all: especially those glasses! xoxo

  12. That is a super beautiful skirt! And for $3! I'm all about floral prints right now and that skirt is right up my alley!
    (formerly Spunky Chateau)

  13. Love the combination of the different pink and red shades!

    Best Jasmin


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