November 11, 2011

Let's Shop: Ann Taylor

Love Ann Taylor? Me too. They have great pieces that can go from work to a night out without missing a beat - seriously, check out this look! In addition, and very important to me, they always have some sort of fantastic coupon circulating so you can save some extra money. (Speaking of, be sure to check out the website right now in order to sign up for their mailing list and get a 40% off friends and family coupon!) Work appropriate, fun appropriate and coupon friendly? That's a great combination in my book.

So maybe you're wondering what is new with Ann Taylor... Well, they're opening up some new concept stores and we're all invited! Are you a Michigan lady? Come check out their first Michigan concept store in Lansing!

Come check out the new Ann Taylor concept store in Lansing!

The new look the stores are going for is a more residential and inviting look. Think hardwood floors, chandeliers, tufted furniture and fixtures inspired by the ultimate closet. Sounds pretty, right?

I can't wait to check it out and I hope if you are local you can make it too! If not, come back soon and I'll be sure to give you a taste of the new look in a future post!

November 9, 2011

Winning Wednesday: Great Fashion Giveaways

Winning Wednesdays over at Fashion Frugality

Winning a giveaway is fantastic for two reasons: 1.) You have a new item to add to your wardrobe for free. What could be more frugal than that!? 2.) You are (most likely) introduced to a new company/store/brand/what-have-you. This is a great way to try something you either might not have bought on your own or try something you may have never heard about prior! I love that. This, my friends, is why every week I write a little post called Winning Wednesday.

1. Cute and Little is giving away a Melie Bianco bag to one lucky winner! Better yet, the winner gets to choose their bag! I love so many of their bags but this Allie messenger bag is really catching my eye! Click here to enter!
GIVEAWAY ENDS: November 16, 2011

2. Shopping, Saving and Sequins is giving away a gorgeous pair of earrings from Posh Locket! Click here to enter!
GIVEAWAY ENDS: November 10, 2011

3. In need of some new comfy running shoes? Asics is ready to hook up 10 of their facebook fans with a new pair! Click here to become an Asics facebook fan and enter their sweepstakes!
GIVEAWAY ENDS: November 13, 2011

4. MYFDBlog is offering up some great styling ideas for Sabina Les scarves! In addition, they are giving away one of her gorgeous Profile Icon scarves. Click here to enter!
GIVEAWAY ENDS: November 14, 2011

5. Love Twenty is giving away a gorgeous Boho necklace from Ollie and Boo. While checking out their shop, I also fell in love with their Inifinity Pink necklace! Lovely pieces abound! Click here to enter!
GIVEAWAY ENDS: November 15, 2011

6. Free Is My Life is giving away a $25 DOTS gift card to one lucky reader. I'd love to add these red suede platform wedges to my closet with that! Click here to enter!
GIVEAWAY ENDS: November 18, 2011

7. Spoil Me Fashion is showing off some very versatile jewelry from Whimsy Designs this week. I love jewelry pieces that can be used as a number of different looks! Lucky for us, they are also giving away a necklace! Click here to enter!
GIVEAWAY ENDS: November 29, 2011

8. Kendi Everyday is giving away a pair of shoes from Blowfish Shoes. You get to pick the pair! Which would you pick? I am totally into the Beams boots. Click here to enter!
GIVEAWAY ENDS: November 13, 2011

9. Style 'n Decor Deals is giving away a purse from Pony Up Kentucky! Click here to enter!
GIVEAWAY ENDS: November 11, 2011

10. Le Blog de Sushi is giving away an adorable LRD - Little Red Dress! - from Wild Hearts! Click here to enter!
GIVEAWAY ENDS: November 16, 2011

November 8, 2011

Everybody, Everywhere: Colored Tights

Fashion blogger confession: I only own three pairs of colored tights. And I use "colored" as a loose term - I own this purple pair, a light grey pair and olive green sweater tights. They're very neutral with the exception of the purple. Colorful tights seem like a huge standard in the fashion blogging world. Prior to becoming a reader, I had never seen many "unusual" tights out and about. I thought I was pretty cool buying this purple pair 2+ years ago, but apparently I am still a freshman at colorful tight wearing. :)

EBEW: Colored Tights
Jacket: Arden B, Won in giveaway!
Tshirt: Old Navy, $7 (on sale)
Skirt: Worthington, JCPenney, OLD
Tights: Kohl's, OLD
Shoes: Steve Madden, Marshalls, OLD
Glasses: SEE Eyewear

After doing a bit of a closet cleanout/unpacking my winter items over last weekend, I have been making every attempt at wearing things I don't wear very often from my closet. To say that my closet is filled to the brim would be an understatement. I need to pare down more but I'm having a hard time letting things go. To rectify that, I am wearing pieces I don't wear very often to discover why and hopefully give some of them up.

EBEW: Colored Tights

This jacket is one of those items. I always get so many compliments on it when I wear it but I have a really hard time styling it. I think the color is what prevents me from wearing it often... it's hard to pair things with a metallic lilac color. Any ideas for me?

EBEW: Colored Tights

I was a little worried this might be purple overload when I put it together this morning but when I got told I looked "like a rockstar" at work that worry flew out the door. My work girls are good to me. :)

Colored Tights | Everybody, Everywear

Check out the rest of the folks who styled up their colorful tights today! After checking just a few of them out so far, I am realizing I would love to add some rust, hunter green and mustard colored tights to my collection!

November 7, 2011

Getting Fit & Fab in Active by Old Navy

So, I'd like to talk about fashion today but not the usual type of fashion you're used to seeing here. Let's have a little chat about active wear AKA gym wear.

First off, you should know that I am no gym rat. Sometimes I take my workouts really seriously and go on a regular basis. More often than not, lately, I have had a hard time motivating myself to get there - but we'll talk about that more later.

Now, I'm not typically the type that cares very much about what I am wearing to the gym. An ancient pair of stretchy pants and an old tshirt and I am pretty much good to go. Spending a lot of money or time thinking about what I am going to wear to the gym just isn't my thing. I just want to throw it on after work, wipe any makeup off, throw my hair up and head out. Work out, sweat out the day's aggressions and go home. The gym is not my runway. I think you will find that evident...

Fashion Frugality Reviews: Old Navy Active Wear

However, when I had the chance to check out some new active wear, I jumped at the chance. Like I said before, the gym has not exactly been my favorite place lately. And when I say that, I mean I've probably been there once or twice over the past three months. It just hasn't been in my list of things to do but, unfortunately, I am paying the price and need to add it back into that list. When I don't go to the gym on a somewhat regular basis, I become crabby, sluggish and all around blah. Plus, I've been feeling a little bit on the meatball side which is never desirable when you go to put on your jeans, am I right? :)

So, maybe you're wondering where I went for this new active wear, right? I think you might be surprised!

old navy

Yes, seriously, Old Navy! I love the place when it comes to everyday fashions but gym wear... I know, I know! I had the same thought! However, never one to say no to a trip to Old Navy, I headed over to one of my favorite local stores with my best friend, Alicia, to check out their selection of activewear courtesy of Crowdtap as I am part of their Old Navy Style Council.

old navy

The minute we got there, we were excited to check this stuff out. I had done a little window shopping online prior to coming to the store so that I would have an idea of what they had to offer and what I wanted to try on. I knew for sure that I wanted a pair of the compression pants, not capris, as capris would be too chilly to wear to the gym during the winter. I also knew that I wanted a sleeved top, not a tank as that isn't something I normally wear to the gym without something else over top of it.

old navy

We each grabbed a few different pieces and headed off to the dressing rooms. (Oops.... how did that non active wear get into my room!? Hee Hee...) That magenta top was one of the first pieces I grabbed from their Active line - I really liked the color and the detail near the shoulders.


After trying a couple different pieces on, I ended up deciding on the two you see above. Although I liked the color of the prior jacket, I felt I could get more use out of a black one. I also liked that this jacket zipped down all the way, making it easy to quickly take off while working out if need be. Additionally, the black jacket fit me nicely, which made me kind of excited to wear it! Who would have thought - like your outfit and you might want to wear it! Why have I never applied this to the gym before!?


The pants I selected were also extremely comfortable, breathable yet snug enough to keep my body in check while working out. One of my favorite things they included in the design was this little zipper pocket located in the back of the waistband that you can stash your car key or some cash in. So thoughtful!

old navy

Delighted with our picks, we headed to the register. We ended up buying the same jacket and the same pants. Great minds often think alike, do they not? :)


And off we went with our new active wear! I was pretty excited to try it out... it actually gave me the push I needed to get back to the gym that week. I guess a new outfit can work wonders in all types of situations...

Fashion Frugality Reviews: Old Navy Active Wear
Jacket: Old Navy Active Performance Jacket, c/o Crowdtap
Pants: Women's Active Compression Pants, c/o Crowdtap
Tshirt: Pacific (old)
Sneakers: Reebok Easy Tone

After using these pieces at the gym for the past two weeks, I can honestly say that they are so much better than my old gym wear. They kept me cooler and drier and I honestly feel much more pumped about going to the gym. It didn't take a lot, but I feel a lot more put together when I head out than I did before.

Fashion Frugality Reviews: Old Navy Active Wear
I'm ready to PUMP you up!

I was a bit apprehensive to think that good workout wear could come from Old Navy, but now I'm a believer! The frosting on this cake is that the prices fit my budget, which is something I require. For example, the jacket I am wearing above is currently on sale for $35, while the same jacket in a different color is just $19! That is great! Plus, as an avid Old Navy shopper, I know they often have coupons that can be combined with their outstanding sales.

So, now let's chat: Where do you buy your workout gear from? What is important to you in your gym wear? Do you wear old sweats to the gym or what? Why? I want to know!

My Old Navy Active jacket and pants were paid for with a coupon I received from Crowdtap. As a member of the Old Navy Style Council, I was able to redeem this coupon for one pair of pants and top of my own choosing. In addition, they provided one additional coupon for a friend. I was not required to give a positive review.

November 5, 2011

Sweatshirt Fancy

Sweatshirt Fancy
Hoodie: Moda International, Thrifted, $2.50
Earrings: Forever21, $3.80

On Thursday, I made a promise to myself that jeans and a sweatshirt would be happening on Friday. I had a ton of stuff to do on Friday at work due to one of our systems being down so I wanted to keep it comfortable. I hate when I have a lot of work to concentrate on and I feel uncomfortable in what I am wearing. Who wants to constantly adjust their outfit all day? On a busy Friday? Not me.

If you know me... you'll know I own a grand total of, well, maybe three sweatshirts. They're typically just not my thing. While I think they look adorable and laid back on many, I end up feeling sloppy and out of my element. They're just no my flavor, as I like to say. Regardless, sometimes they are just called for no matter what, am I right?

That being said - who says you can't add a little fancy to a hooded sweatshirt? :)

Sweatshirt Fancy

November 3, 2011

A Fall Wedding

Guest Post!

Shimmy on over to Unusual Form today to check out my guest post! This is what I "wore" to her wedding!

Congratulations, Kara! :)

November 2, 2011

Winning Wednesday: Great Fashion Giveaways!

Winning Wednesdays over at Fashion Frugality

Winning a giveaway is fantastic for two reasons: 1.) You have a new item to add to your wardrobe for free. What could be more frugal than that!? 2.) You are (most likely) introduced to a new company/store/brand/what-have-you. This is a great way to try something you either might not have bought on your own or try something you may have never heard about prior! I love that. This, my friends, is why every week I write a little post called Winning Wednesday.

1. Modnique is giving away a Tiffany's heart lock bracelet to one lucky facebook fan! Click here to enter!
GIVEAWAY ENDS: November 9, 2011

2. Rik Rak Studio is giving away a huge prize from Phil Effect! The prize pack consists of a necklace, ring AND earrings! I also think you'll fall in love with this great etsy shop - I know I did! Click here to enter!
GIVEAWAY ENDS: November 4, 2011

3. Dirty Hair Halo is giving away an $80 gift certificate to Romwe to two lucky readers! I'm loving this asymmetric cut coat from the shop - what would you buy? Click here to enter!
GIVEAWAY ENDS: November 4, 2011

4. is giving away a pair of their ultra suede bow shoe clips. These are literally the best shoe clips ever! SO cute! Click here to enter!
GIVEAWAY ENDS: November 7, 2011

5. Snappy Casual is celebrating her first blog birthday with some fantastic giveaways! First up, she is giving away a $30 gift card to May Fly Designs. Thanks to this giveaway, I am now obsessed with this shop... she makes beautiful jewelry and sells her pieces at completely affordable prices! Click here to enter that one! Next, she is giving away an adorable red rose headband from Bean and the Sprout - how cute would that look paired with a black and white stripe tee? Click here to get entered into that one! Finally, she is also giving away two tassel necklaces from Lilac Saloon to one lucky winner! Click here to enter that giveaway! Happy birthday, Snappy Casual!

6. Kendi Everyday is giving you the chance to win a Melon Sunrise statement necklace from Polish Boutique! I think this necklace would be perfect to pair with any outfit, no matter the season! Click here to enter!
GIVEAWAY ENDS: November 6, 2011

7. The Everything Soap Blog is giving away a perfect autumnal zipper pouch (clutch) from Charm Design. I love the mustard color. Click here to enter!
GIVEAWAY ENDS: November 26, 2011

8. To Sew With Love is giving away a pretty autumn colored necklace from Bohemia Jewellery. I think this would look great paired with a cranberry tunic sweater. What would you pair it with? Click here to enter!
GIVEAWAY ENDS: November 7, 2011

9. My Style Diaries has teamed up with Jewelmint to give one lucky winner their jewelry piece of choice! YES, PLEASE! Click here to enter!
GIVEAWAY ENDS: November 4, 2011

10. Little Bird Fashion is giving away a vintage fur coat and a gold Guess watch! And, boy, do I ever have my eyes on that watch! Click here to enter! (Thanks to Lemon Drop vintage for tweeting about this one!)
GIVEAWAY ENDS: November 7, 2011

11. Illustrated Moodboard is giving away a leopard shirt from Zoelas Clothes! This is a wardrobe must have, in my opinion. Click here to enter!
GIVEAWAY ENDS: November 14, 2011

November 1, 2011

Post Halloween Layers

I think it goes without saying that today called for some serious loose layers. After all the junk I ate yesterday, I was in no mood to wear anything even remotely form fitting.

Blazer: Katie Mfg, Swapped, Free
Top: GAP, Thrifted, $3.80
Pants: Worthington, JCPenney, OLD
Boots: St. John's Bay, Thrifted, $4.60
Bracelet: Target, OLD
Glasses: SEE Eyewear

OK, so it wasn't the most flattering outfit ever but it worked considering it was ridiculously comfortable and I put it together within five minutes this morning. Remind me to never wait till the morning to get my outfit ready. It does not make for a very relaxing morning, to say the least.


I forgot to put this bracelet back on after taking a photo of it but this is the only jewelry I wore with my outfit today. Loose bangles are my favorite thing to wear.


This is my latest scarf find. I love the color, I love the size, and I love the lace. I can't find a tag on it and the stitching gives it the appearance that it is handmade... which has given me a few ideas to make similar models in different colors.


All in all, not exactly the most fashionable look but sometimes comfort wins over chic, am I right?
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