October 17, 2011

Fashion Frugality Reviews: eShakti Blouse

When eShakti.com contacted me about doing a review of one of their pieces, I was more than happy to oblige. I had actually had my eye on their ruffled cascade front poet blouse so I knew the exact piece I wanted already! I received the blouse two months ago but I don't think I need to explain that a long sleeve blouse was just not weather appropriate for August. I am so happy that I was finally able to wear it!

Now, that being said, please keep an open mind. Today was quite possibly the most windy day I have ever encountered. Bring on the windblown photos! :)

Fashion Frugality Review: eShakti
Blouse: Ruffle Cascade Front Poet Blouse, c/o eShakti.com ($39.95)
Pants: Axcess (Liz Claiborne Co), Thrifted, OLD
Shoes: Tahari, Thrifted, OLD
Ring: Inherited from my grandma
Gold Earrings: Gift from my former employer
Glasses: SEE Eyewear
Purse: Gift from my boyfriend years ago (from Target!)

I know what you might be thinking: Katie, you're pale. Nude tops are not your thing. Guess what? Don't care. Life is too short to worry about such things! And I like this top too much! Lets do a quick rundown over some things I love about this top and eShakti.com:

First and very important: Did you know that everything eShakti.com sells is completely customizable? Enter in your specific size details and requests and your wish is their command - all only for an extra $7.50! They fully embody the idea that one size does NOT fit all and why should it? We are all different and all have different tastes.

Fashion Frugality Review: eShakti

The extra long cuffs and gorgeous fabric covered buttons (which are also down the front of the blouse) - I love little details like that.

Fashion Frugality Review: eShakti

The sleeve detail. I love this unique look!

Fashion Frugality Review: eShakti

Quite possibly my favorite part: The ruffle front - how adorable is this? Wait, it gets better: It is detachable! I love having multi-use items. I can wear this blouse with both the ruffles and without the ruffles for two totally different looks. (Note: Nevermind how messy it looks here. It actually ties around your neck, under the collar, quite nicely. The wind was blowing mine out of order.)

Fashion Frugality Review: eShakti

Fashion Frugality Review: eShakti

Topped with my favorite fall coat and the addition of one of my favorites rings, I was ready to go to work!

DISCLOSURE: Though eShakti sent me this blouse (free of charge) to review, my opinions on this blog post and all other posts are my own. I did not agree to give a positive review. I agreed to give an honest review.

Unfortunately, the top I reviewed is currently out of stock! With that in mind, I put together a quick Kaboodle styleboard to show you some other ruffle favorites from eShakti.com.


Click above to learn more about each piece!


  1. Katie I love eShaki :) I think the top looks amazing on you nude works! The sleeves are the best, so are plaid coats :)

    I am glad you love Ferndale! I live in Oak Park but grew up there, it is turning into such a great city :)

  2. It's all in the details sweets, and I happen to think you ROCK that blouse...Id sooo wear that!! How bout that wind today huh? I dont know about you, but Im already sick of the MI weather!!! lol

    Statements in Fashion: A Funky Little Fashion Blog

  3. what a darling top! and i actually think the color is quite flattering on you. besides, there's nothing wrong with being fair skinned. :)

  4. Nice and Detailed Review, Simply love the design, color and style of this blouse!

  5. Totally learned something new! I love it!!!! The ruffles are awesome!!!!


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