September 4, 2011

Weekend Link Love


Michael Kors boots found in thrift buy or not to buy?

I found these Michael Kors black boots at one of my favorite thrift stores the other day... I ended up walking away from them because they were $18. That is more than I would usually pay for thrifted shoes... but they were in really great condition, a good brand and real leather. I'm slightly regretting this decision and hoping they are still there... What are your thoughts?

Other than that, here are a few other things I have been enjoying this week...

- Dimestore Diamnond wore a gorgeous vintage dress a few weeks ago and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it! I love the full sleeves that are gathered at the wrist. So pretty!
- Favorite Pinterest board of the week? This award goes to Ariel P's Finery and Frock board. I love everything on it!
- Never Niche explains why she isn't Debbie. Debbie Downer, that is. I'm seeking out the Pollyanna lifestyle too. Want to join us? :)
- Kara at Unusual Form wore some black and white polka dotted pants recently and now I'm on the hunt for my own... How cute are they!?
- At the top of my fall lust list: These amazing Tallulah boots in Natural leather from MIA. Oh, swoon!

What made your week shine?


  1. Honestly I think you did well :)

  2. These are such cool boots! They remind me of a wearable version of the amazing Sam Edelman platforms!

    Ebay Finds >

  3. Thanks for the link love.

    I would balk at that thrift store price too, but in reality that's a lot less then you would pay for them new, or even for vinyl boots at Wal-Mart. I say if you like them and they're still there, buy them.

  4. oh no you must go back!!! They look like a fantastic find and I think for them being real leather and in such condition its worth the little extra that you normally wouldnt pay :) p.s you look so chic in the pics below with your maxi summer dress - perfect way to see out Summer

    Anna xo

  5. I too would have left them for $18. $18 at a thrift store?

    However, I would jump all over them at that price on eBay, at a consignment store, or an outlet store. Funny how I justify certain prices in certain environments! If they are there, it may be the world telling you that you need some awesome boots!


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