September 2, 2011

Sundresses and Handbags

I couldn't let summer come to an end without wearing one of my favorite summer dresses. This one, as you'll find out, is not work appropriate as it is quite open in the back so I took advantage of a weekend lunch date with my boyfriend to take it for a drive.

Criss Cross (08/27/11)
Dress: All That Jazz, Thrifted, $3
Vintage Wood Sandals: Imperial, Bought at a church sale, $1
Clay Bangle Bracelets: Handmade (after seeing these), Approx. cost of each ~ $0.50
Purse: Jessica Buckle Tote in Ivory/Cream, c/o (Price = $46.95)
Glasses: SEE Eyewear

One of my favorite things right now is dark florals. I'm loving any floral print that has a dark background. They just look so pretty yet have that interesting dark quality to them. Plus, I think they make a great transition piece from summer to fall.

Criss Cross (08/27/11)

And my new Handbag Heaven bag? I LOVE IT. It is not too big but just big enough, the color is fresh and it is so well made. I know a lot of people worry about bags that aren't made of real leather - will they look totally fake? Will they feel "crunchy"? Been there and had that. This bag is smooth and pliable - just like real leather. Actually, one of the girls I work with touched it and commented on how good it felt.

Criss Cross (08/27/11)

When Handbag Heaven approached me, I was elated! I actually already own one of their bags so I was already a bit acquainted with their bags. Plus, I have been in serious need of a fresh handbag for some time now... I've been carrying around the same little vintage Coach purse that I thrifted over a year ago. Don't get me wrong, $4 for a leather Coach purse is a great deal - but the bag was getting tired! Plus, I think this Jessica tote is perfect for this end of summer and start of fall cusp. It's fresh for summer and crisp for autumn.

Love my Jessica tote from Handbag Heaven!

Keep an eye out for some of photos in Handbag Heaven's upcoming style guide! :)

Full disclosure: I was given, free of charge, the handbag of my choice from Handbag Heaven. My thoughts, feelings and words regarding this handbag are just that - MINE - and not supplied by the company. I was not required to tell you I loved this handbag. I told you I loved it because I do. :)


  1. Adore your favorite summer dress! Such a fabulous print pattern :) The strappy back is could wear it to work by adding a cardigan or a blouse tied up. Hope that helps!


  2. That bag is pretty cute. I REALLY REALLY like the back of that dress though. Such a cute detail!


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