September 13, 2011

EBEW: Colored Pants

Colored pants. They're a pretty big deal right now but I can't say I am 100% on board. I love the idea but have a hard time following through on the actual look when it comes to actually doing it. Pants have never been my favorite thing. Regardless, when Everybody, Everywear put out the call for colored pants, I answered!

Colored Pants | Everybody, Everywear

EBEW: Colored Pants (09/13/11)
Gingham Top: Old Navy, $19.50 on sale (free to me w/ gift card)
Silk Tank: Casual Corner, Thrifted, OLD
Green Cords: J. Crew, Thrifted, OLD
Necklace: Thrifted, $1
Bangle: ?, OLD
Sandals: Mossimo, Target, $7.48 (on clearance in store)
Glasses: SEE Eyewear
Purse: Jessica Buckle Tote, c/o

Yes, I followed through and brought my kelly green J. Crew (thrifted, J. Crew, mind you) corduroy pants to blogtown. I've had these for a while now but never seem to wear them as much as I probably should. Everybody always loves them when I wear them and how could you not!? They are such a happy color! A happy color is enough to put a smile on any face.

EBEW: Colored Pants (09/13/11)

I have to admit, even with a lot of crazy business going down at work this week and especially today, I remained pretty cheerful. I attribute this to a good mix of happy colors. The green, of course, and this fantastic gingham button up that I lusted over the second I saw it on the Old Navy website. I knew it had to be mine!

EBEW: Colored Pants (09/13/11)

I kicked it up another notch with some chunky gold jewelry. This outfit was actually a little casual feeling (at least for me) for office wear during the week so I thought the jewelry might help take it to the next level. Not the fanciest outfit I have ever worn, but it worked!

And how about my $7.48 sandals? I love when the shoes I really want go on major clearance. Thank you, Target, thank you very much.

EBEW: Colored Pants (09/13/11)

AND, goodness, how about that sun today!? Sunny outside to match my sunny exterior! :)


  1. This is wonderful...and if someone was wearing this in my office, I would gravitate toward them. I love the fact that they are cords.

  2. This is so the pants with the gingham top..just perfect.

  3. Brilliant! I would steal them from you if I wasn't in France :D

  4. Love the colors, love the gingham, and love it even more paired with a chunky gold necklace!

    I haven't gotten on the colored pant bandwagon, I feel crazy wearing white or non-dark as it is. Watch me in a couple of months run around town in purple pants... but for now it seems so not for me (though you look darling!).

  5. Can I just tell you that I think you are REALLy rocking this look! I LOVE the green pants (um, like love love) & that gingham top is ADORABLE!!!! I'm jealous of your sunshine though :)

  6. Hi there! Just passing through. I love your style and your blog.
    I have a giveaway going on right now for an awesome statement necklace and just thought you might like it.

    I'll keep checking back with your fashion updates. Love them!



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