August 10, 2011

Winning Wednesday: Great Fashion Giveaways!

Winning Wednesdays over at Fashion Frugality

Winning a giveaway is fantastic for two reasons: 1.) You have a new item to add to your wardrobe for free. What could be more frugal than that!? 2.) You are (most likely) introduced to a new company/store/brand/what-have-you. This is a great way to try something you either might not have bought on your own or try something you may have never heard about prior! I love that. This, my friends, is why every week I write a little post called Winning Wednesday.

1. Kate Spade wants to whisk you and a friend away to Santa Monica, California for a three night stay at Shutters On the Beach - complete with Kate Spade goodies! Now, my question is, are you entering for the trip or entering for the Kate Spade goodies? :) Click here to enter!
GIVEAWAY ENDS: August 19, 2011

2. Studs and Pearls is giving away a gorgeous Shabby Apple dress. I honestly don't think I have ever seen a Shabby Apple dress that I didn't like. They're all stunning and appropriate for almost any situation! Click here to enter!
GIVEAWAY ENDS: August 12, 2011

3. Birchbox wants to know what kind of TOCCA girl you are. Tell them which TOCCA scent you associate with most and you could win $181 worth of TOCCA beauty products! (Speaking of Birchbox, I just became a member and am awaiting August's box! I cannot wait!) Click here to enter!

4. Delicately Fierce is giving away a pair of romantic rose earrings from Meydalle. Click here to enter!
GIVEAWAY ENDS: August 13, 2011

5. Kendi Everyday is giving away a gorgeous pair of vintage rhintestone earrings from one of my favorite bloggers/etsy stores, Archives Vintage. I think these would look gorgeous paired with a simple fancy dress for a night out or a tan skirt and white tee for a little extra glamor during the day! Click here to enter!
GIVEAWAY ENDS: August 14, 2011

6. O My Heart! is giving away a $50 gift certificate to Boa. I don't know about you, but I would love to add this chiffon printed tunic to my wardrobe! Cute! Click here to enter!
GIVEAWAY ENDS: August 15, 2011

7. Folding Chair Designs is offering their biggest giveaway yet! Head on over to the site to win three hydrangea pins, one rosette headband, and a cream floral headband! Basically, your head will be styling! :) Be sure to check out all of her items in her shop! I fell in love with the vintage floral ruffle headband! Click here to enter!
GIVEAWAY ENDS: August 16, 2011

8. exPress-o is giving away TWO gift certificates to Karen Kane! I'm loving all of her new animal print designs - especially this classic cheetah print shirt. Click here to enter!
GIVEAWAY ENDS: August 14, 2011

9. LEIF is giving away a set of five of their new "distant land" bangles! These will be the perfect bracelets to add to any outfit - I love their tribal design feel! Click here to enter!
GIVEAWAY ENDS: August 12, 2011

10. One Sheepish Girl is giving away a crochet bow pin (SO CUTE!) to two readers and one crochet tea cup to one reader (perfect to use for your sewing pins)! Wouldn't that crochet pin look adorable paired with anything this winter? Yes, anything. :) Click here to enter!


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