August 11, 2011

A Mishmash (12/30)

This is an outfit that I wore a couple weeks ago but apparently forgot to post about and forgot I ever took the photos. That worked out well today as I spent a couple hours after work preparing for tomorrow's Yard Sale Trail festivities and didn't have time to photograph my outfit from today. Look, I take this stuff seriously guys. :)

Summer 2011 30x30: Black/Blue/Brown (12/30)
Blue Tee: H&M, old
Tan Button Up: Arizona, Thrifted, $3.75
Zebra Dress: Mossimo, Thrifted, old
Wedge Sandals: Mossimo Pilar, Target, $29.99 (but FREE w/ gift card)
Blue Belt: Old Navy, $2.99 (clearance in store)
Glasses: SEE Eyewear

I wasn't exactly gung-ho for this outfit. It's kind of a strange mix of a little bit of everything - hence my mishmash title. It isn't terrible but it's also not something I would have put together in a regular context. Generally, I think that is a good thing. Pushes me a little and don't we all need a little push sometimes?

Summer 2011 30x30: Black/Blue/Brown (12/30)

I found this vibrant belt at Old Navy a few weeks ago and about giggled in delight when I saw one of their bright clearance stickers attached to it. $2.99?! SO SOLD. I have a little obsession with owning a belt in every color imaginable so this was a perfect addition to my collection. I don't wear a lot of blue but I like the punch of color this can add to other outfits.

Summer 2011 30x30: Black/Blue/Brown (12/30)

Finally, let's talk about how great my hair looks in these photos. It reminds me how horrible it looks right now. (Har har.) If that isn't some motivation to trim my bangs, I don't know what is!


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