August 8, 2011

IFB Project: This Is My Best Friend

I read a great post today on No Guilt Fashion entitled IFB Project: This Is My Best Friend". I've been behind in keeping up with the Independent Fashion Bloggers site and never realized they were doing a blogger project like this. But, better late than never, right? And what better topic to discuss than my best friends...

When it comes to best friends, I have two. I'm a lucky girl like that. Maybe you have more than two and think two sounds really small but not me. I've always been a quality over quantity type of girl and find that it is rare for me to have a handful of really good friends at one time. I'm a pretty quiet girl (well, until you get me going) so a big group has just never been my thing.

IFB Project: This Is My Best Friend

Alicia and I met at work years ago... I couldn't tell you the exact time we started to hang out but I can tell you that it was sometime soon after I started working there. That was nearly six years ago. We no longer work together as she is off, oh, becoming a lawyer, no big deal.

My favorite thing about Alicia is we're almost the same person. That sounds pretty ridiculous but I swear it is true. We like all the same things but I feel like we each put our unique spin on whatever it is we have in common. I am the black to her brown, the white to her tan, the mary jane to her stiletto. Similar but not quite the same. It's the perfect combination. I tell you this because I have honestly never had a friend that I could share so much with and have them not only understand it but really get it. This theory goes for pretty much anything - clothes, other friends, guy issues, etc.

Style wise, Alicia fully embodies what I like to think of as quality pieces. Whereas I tend to buy this, that and the next thing that I like, Alicia has a more curated view of her wardrobe. Everything works together seamlessly and effortlessly. Everything looks chic. It makes me think of the way Parisians dress and handle their wardrobes. This is a style trait that, try as I might, I haven't fully gotten the hang of. My overloaded closet will tell you this.

Another thing about Alicia - She is very level headed whereas I am hot tempered. She listens to my rants and then calms me down. If you're a fellow hot tempered person, you will probably understand how much that is needed. If I didn't let out a daily rant (usually within a Facebook message), I'd probably go insane.

And, finally, we do things like wear fuzzy duck hats, sit in old dentist chairs in the middle of a bar and drink strong drinks together. I'd like to give you photographic evidence but feel like Alicia's lawyerly endeavors may be better suited to keep such photographs off my blog. I wouldn't want her to sue me one day. :)

Psst! You can befriend Alicia, too!
Twitter: @lovealixo
Blog: love ali, xo


IFB Project: This Is My Best Friend

My other best friend, Chris, also happens to be my boyfriend. I know a lot of people think your boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/whoever cannot be your best friend but I totally disagree. If I didn't want to be my boyfriend's friend, then I wouldn't want to be his girlfriend. Just my opinion.

Chris and I have been together since the beginning of time. OK, not grade school or anything like that, but pretty fresh out of high school...

IFB Project: This Is My Best Friend

We were introduced by friends. Actually, my best friend (at the time... long story...) was dating his best friend (at the time, again, long story). They ended up getting married and we, well, we've been together ever since. Come this February, he'd be my common law husband if Michigan still had such a thing. Please note, however, he will officially be called my common law husband as of February. I find it amusing.

I love Chris because he's probably the most patient person on the planet. I need this in my life. I am not patient. Like Alicia, he lets me throw my little fits, listens to me (well, most of the time, har har) and then calms me down. Honestly, my mom has even admitted that she thinks Chris deserves an award in patience just for handling me as long as he has. Isn't that nice of my mom? :)~

Without getting too sappy and whatever, Chris is also great because he deals with my insane shoe and clothing obsession. We live in a small one bedroom apartment and I can honestly say that there is not a day that goes by where there isn't multiple shoes strewn on the floor (... in multiple rooms) and clothes sitting in odd places and fashion magazines strewn about. He has built me custom closets, he has let me take over the entirety of our closets, he has moved and moved and moved some more of my clothes with each different place we have lived.

Style wise, Chris is a simple guy. It's kind of funny that a girl who likes clothes and such as much as I do would love such a simple guy, but I do! And I can't imagine it any other way... I mean... why would I want a guy that is going to take up all my closet space!? No, thank you! Chris sticks to a strict uniform of jeans, khakis, tshirts and plaid button-ups 99% of the time.


Who is your best friend? Join in on this IFB blogging project here!


  1. Good friends are SO important and reading through it definitely sounds like you're very lucky.

    My best friend I've known since 1st grade actually


  2. I am sitting here tearing up like a sap! This is so sweet! I'm so glad we found each other :) And, you're right about the picture posting.. I think the ABA would frown upon my extracurricular activities. ;)~

    I really like the 'common law husband' designation for Chris. That is so happening.



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