August 6, 2011

Fashion Yesteryears: Ombre

Once again, I need to apologize for my blogging absence. This week was a trying time at work - very busy, very short staffed and angry people galore. Nary a day went by without me getting yelled at by an angry person... I think you can see how that could make for a very long week. As a result, I spent each day coming home to snuggle with my Ernie cat, reading, pinning, or watching Mercy episodes online. I needed chill out time.

To reward all of you for sticking around (hopefully!) and forgiving me for being five million years behind on my 30 for 30, I give you an embarrassing oldschool (circa 2001) photo from my senior high school prom. Here's a photo of my date (a good guy friend of mine in high school) and I...

Senior Prom w/ Daveeed
Ombre, anyone?

Clearly, I was ahead of the game on the ombre trend.

Or something.


  1. I dyed my hair an unpleasant orange color (it happened because I tried to dye it blonde. Don't try to do this without bleach). I then dyed it back to brown but that washed off almost immediately. My disaster then grew out and is now orange-blonde at the end. Ombre for you.

  2. That's awesome!! Pretty brave of you to share!!! I love your blog - great scarf collection!! :)


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