August 22, 2011

Easy Living - Day Off (14/30)

Last week I had a day off of work and spent the day doing not much more than sleeping in, enjoying a long breakfast, meeting my boyfriend at his place of employment for lunch and a little bit of thrift store shopping. Oops - how did that happen!? I keep telling myself I need to cut the shopping for a while but this never seems to last. My boyfriend's office is dangerously close to my favorite Value World so I couldn't resist a little stop inside.

Summer 2011 30x30: Day Off (14/30)
Tan Shirt: Arizona, Thrifted, $3.75
Pleated Skirt: Peter Popovitch, Thrifted, $1.50
Glasses: SEE Eyewear

Don't worry - I did wear shoes to the thrift store. :) I just spent the majority of my time at home being "lazy" so I wanted to fully represent that with my usual bare feet. Are you a bare footer too? I'd go bare foot EVERYWHERE if I could and it wasn't gross. I'm pretty sure I spent entire summers outside barefoot when I was little. Just feels so good!

Summer 2011 30x30: Day Off (14/30)

This skirt is kind of like the clothing version of being bare foot. It feels so lighty and airy - it is SO ridiculously comfortable and I feel like I can pair it with anything. That's a 30x30 all star right there, folks!

Sometimes it is just nice to take it easy - both in your day and clothing wise - am I right?


  1. Yes! I love taking it easy or having "days off" of not trying to overthink every bit of my life - down to what accessories I'm wearing!

    This pleated skirt is so great... what a thrift find! Looks just like all the Zara skirts bloggers are wearing, and to think you scored it for $1.50!!!

  2. Love the skirt! Your thrift finds are amazing!

  3. I never used to even consider knotting a shirt, but now I'm loving the look. This is a great look on you. - Katy

  4. Yes, I go barefoot everywhere sometimes up my street :P
    Great outfit :)


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