June 28, 2011

Camo Dreams (4/30)

Let's talk about camo today, shall we? I have been obsessed with the idea of owning a camo jacket for a while now. The obsession got further out of control when I came across this photo at All The Pretty Birds! Doesn't she look amazing? The camo jacket just totally makes the whole look and the necklace she paired with it? Oh, swoon. Needless to say, I have spent great amounts of time dreaming up my own camo jacket and what I would pair it with.

Then came one fateful trip to Old Navy. And there it was. Hanging alone on a clearance rack amidst tanks and sundresses. My perfect size. A dream come true!

30x30 Summer 2011: Day 4 (06/28/11)
Pleated Skirt: Peter Popovitch, Thrifted, $1.50
Black Tee: Forever21, Thrifted, OLD
Camo Jacket: Old Navy, $20.99 (on clearance)
Braided Belt: Tagless, Thrifted, $1
Wedge Sandals: Mossimo "Pilar", Target, FREE ($29.99 but bought with gift card)
Glasses: SEE Eyewear
Bracelet: Inherited from grandma
Watch: Inherited from grandma

It got a simple styling today - all black and camo. It doesn't get much easier than that yet it still looks good, you know? Classic with a twist. Pleats with an edge. My favorite belt to cinch the jacket in...

30x30 Summer 2011: Day 4 (06/28/11)

And my favorite jewelry ight now...

30x30 Summer 2011: Day 4 (06/28/11)

Both are pieces I inherited from my grandma... The watch doesn't work at this point but I wear it because it reminds me of her. Out of all the jewelry I inherited from her, this is my favorite. It is the one of my favorite memories of her - she was always wearing a watch and it was always a small, dainty watch like this. In fact, this was the one she wore the most and the only one left in her massive jewelry box at her death. Clearly, it was her favorite, which makes it a fast favorite for me as well.

In closing,

30x30 Summer 2011: Day 4 (06/28/11)

1. A favorite jacket
2. A favorite skirt
3. Favorite jewelry

It all makes for a happy Katie.


  1. I love camo and military inspired jackets :)

  2. and you look so happy in all of it! grandma's stuff is the best :D

    also, your hair looks wicked awesome red in the last photo, and you have a wrist like i do! i've never seen anyone else with that bump thing. cool ...

  3. I love your outfit! You have a super cute look!


  4. loved the skirt and belt!great outfit!u r so stylish ;) i am following your great blog dear.i'd really appreciate if u could follow me back.


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