June 21, 2011

30 x 30 - Summer 2011 - My Pieces

I may be a week late, but I'm still in the game! I am taking part again in the 30 for 30 Remix because time after time it has helped this shopaholic clothing hoarder realize that so much can be done with just thirty pieces.

I took a while this time to put together a collection of thirty pieces that I feel can play off well together and help me reinvent some old pieces I've had in my closet for some time. I've challenged myself to use a few things that I have barely worn and I've thrown in the some bright happy pieces that I always like to turn to.

If you're new around my blog, you should probably know that I work in an office five days of the week and therefore my clothing is centered around that need. No shorts or anything too revealing for this girl! Also, though this is a summer round of the 30x30, I do indeed have some longer sleeves and jackets mixed in as my office can be quite chilly.

Let's get on to my choices!

30x30 Summer 2011: Tees
30x30 Summer 2011: Tops
30x30 Summer 2011: Four Skirts
30x30 Summer 2011: Three Pants
30x30 Summer 2011: Four Dresses
30x30 Summer 2011: Two Jackets
30x30 Summer 2011: Five Shoes

So, what do you think? Any good outfit ideas for me?

It was late last night when I posted this so I forgot to let you know that I modeled the photos of my clothes after the beautiful images at Spool 72. Spool 72 is also known as the place I love to window shop the most online. So many pretty things. :)


  1. Awesome picks! Can't wait to see how you pair them up!

  2. I'm always so impressed when people take on this challenge. I could never do it! ;)

  3. The green skirt with a plain thirt and some good accessorize.

    ♥ thebookness.blogspot.com

  4. Gosh I am swooning over these clothes and the prices! How do you find such goodies in thrift stores?! I have the worst luck, I swear!

    & I love the black pleated skirt with the tie neck blouse! Too cute for words!


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