April 13, 2011

Winning Wednesday: Great Fashion Giveaways

Winning Wednesdays over at Fashion Frugality

Winning a giveaway is fantastic for two reasons: 1.) You have a new item to add to your wardrobe for free. What could be more frugal than that!? 2.) You are (most likely) introduced to a new company/store/brand/what-have-you. This is a great way to try something you either might not have bought on your own or try something you may have never heard about prior! I love that. This, my friends, is why every week I write a little post called Winning Wednesday.

1. Dwelling and Telling is giving away a $50 credit to Apothica! Apothica carries pretty much any beauty product you can think of whether it be makeup, perfume, body products or skin care. Click here to enter! Giveaway ends: April 22, 2011

2. Dooney & Bourke are giving away a grass green satchel (FQ668 KL) and flower-covered wristlet (3W08 YL) to celebrate spring during their April giveaway! I don't know about you but I will be MORE than ready to celebrate spring with these pretty pieces! Click here to like Dooney & Bourke on facebook and learn how to enter! Giveaway ends: April 30, 2011

3. Ringspotters is giving away a turquoise ring to three lucky winners! I absolutely love a good statement ring and I think a turquoise number is just what the doctor ordered. Click here to enter! Giveaway ends: April 15, 2011

4. Jenny Bunny Creations is giving away a pair of her big, funky earrings! I love big earrings during the summer because they can dress up just a tank top and you're good to go! Click here to enter! Giveaway ends: April 29, 2011

5. Opinionated Girl vs. Wild, Wild World is giving away a gorgeous pair of earrings from Designs by Kini. They are the most gorgeous and vivid color of blue! Click here to enter!

6. Lizzypunch is giving away a super sleek wallet from Gap! It's slim and perfect to fit in any bag! Click here to enter! Giveaway ends: April 16, 2011

7. Emily Viveur is giving away a piece of Vedette Shapewear to FIVE lucky winners! I find that quality shapewear can be hard to find but Vedette looks like it has some great pieces - perfect for wedding season, which is upon us! Click here to enter! Giveaway ends: April 20, 2011

8. MouseVox Vintage is giving away a $20 gift certificate to Pussycat Vintage. I would spend this on this grass green skirt and the emerald catch all dish. I have a thing for green right now. Click here to enter! Giveaway ends: April 17, 2011

9. The Trend Boutique is giving away a Lauren Moshi Lily Love Bracelet Tank. It has the perfect amount of black and gold. Click here to enter! Giveaway ends: April 14, 2011

10. Thanks, Mail Carrier! is giving away a Yala Designs Lightweight PashBu Scarf. You get your choice of ten colors. I really like the Papaya! Click here to enter! Giveaway ends: April 21, 2011

Good luck, guys!


  1. Thanks for sharing these!

    I have several fashion giveaways going on right now with some of my favorites coming up in the next week or so, super excited!

    Brixton Street

  2. Nice...thanks so much for your awesome list each week!!!

  3. This is the greatest thing ever! Thanks for compiling these.


  4. I love that you do this! I'm also hosting a giveaway that ends next Thursday!

    Image Envy

  5. Soooooooo many fabulous giveaways...and some new blogs to check out too! I have another one for you to check out...We're giving away a gorgeous bag from farfetch.com!

  6. Thank you for a fab list!! xo http://www.redpoppyfashion.blogspot.com


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