April 6, 2011

Thanks, Vera!

So, I have to tell you guys about this fashion oopsie that happened to me today. If anyone will appreciate it and laugh with me, it would be all of you. It's a classic Katie moment, let me tell you...

Thanks a lot, Vera.
My Vera bag in Poppy Fields - gift from my boyfriend

So, today was one of many rainy, soggy, cold days that we have had this week. Basically, I have had a need to carry my umbrella with me every day this week. I was in a bit of a rush this morning, so when I couldn't find my umbrella in its usual spot by my front door, I gave up looking and left for work, hoping it would stop raining by lunch time and/or I would find my umbrella in my car. Well, I searched my car quickly and didn't find it so I reached my hand inside my bag (see above) to see if I had shoved it in there. Nope. Not there either.

Lunch time came and it was pouring outside by this point. Not wanting to have any worse of a hair day than I was already having, I asked any of the girls I worked with if I could borrow their umbrella during lunch, snatched one up and left.

An hour later, I came back to my building and sent my purse through the metal detector at the front door as usual. Just as I am getting ready to walk away and get back to work, one of the security guards says to me, "Carrying a back up umbrella, are you?" and smirked. Um. Erm. What? Oh my goodness, is THAT where my umbrella is!? I ask. He started absolutely cracking up and then showed me on the screen.

Um. Yeah. My umbrella was in my massive bag and I had totally missed it.

Only I would A) forget I shoved in into my massive bag and B) still not find it after searching inside it. Seriously. So silly.

How is that for a mid-week giggle?


  1. I LOVE it....and it soooo sounds like something Id do....I usually just give up searching for something after five minutes in my purse..hahaha...glad you found it!

  2. I lose my life in my Vera bag. I have to look 3 times for anything! But, I could never part. It's a love/love/hateatinybit relationship.

  3. TOTALLY something I would do too! I am constantly misplacing everything AND I don't even carry around a huge bag. My life is pretty much one big facepalm!

    Brixton Street

  4. At least you found it! I put so much stuff in my purse that I can't find anything in it half the time!

  5. I do that all the time! Just not with umbrellas usually. (We don't need them very often, or I would) Ah, the perils of carrying a gigantimondo bag.

  6. Hahaha, that's serously something I would do!

  7. Lol I have some of those days too.Like when I was searching for my phone and it was in my pocket for the longest haha. It all happens to somebody and they are great stories to tell haha . It had me rolling..haha
    xoxo asiahlynn

  8. giant bags are dangerous! so easy to lose things...

  9. That is so something I would do! I probably have. HAHA

  10. hehe! Sounds like something I would totally do!
    (I have that poppy print in the travel jewelry case from VB and LOVE it!)

  11. hahaha I've done the sammme thing before! lol

  12. Oops!
    Love the bag, though!


  13. LoL! Been there with losing things in giant purses - happens to the best of us!


  14. Awww...sweetie...I am so glad that you can laugh at yourself :) And, I am very glad that you found your umbrella (who says that those security guards are pointless?!?!? ;) )

    Love massive bags though...you can fit so much in there! :)


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