April 18, 2011

Black on Cream, Cream on Black

I spent yesterday at my grandpa's house in northern Michigan, right on the tip of the "thumb" actually... I knew snow would be coming today without even listening to the weather report because on my drive to his house it was blizzarding on and off. This is a normal occurrence for them as it snows more there than it does down here but, still, SNOW IN MID-APRIL!? Grr. As a result, the socks and boots are back today, but I still wanted to wear a dress.

WIW: April 18, 2011
Dress: Maggy London, Marshalls, OLD
Sweater: Merona, Thrifted, OLD
Tank: American Eagle, Thrifted, OLD
Socks: Apt 9, Kohls, $6
Boots: Franco Fortini, eBay, OLD
Bracelet: Gift from friend, FREE
Glasses: SEE Eyewear

I actually bought this dress a few years ago for a work Christmas party. It's more formal than it appears here since I have it covered up with a sweater. The front is a deep v-neck and the back is as well - which gives it a slightly fancier feel. Honestly, though, I don't think there is a Maggy London dress that I don't like. They all seem to have the greatest fit.

WIW: April 18, 2011

And how is that for some print on print action? I like that the main color is reversed on each piece.

In other exciting news:
1. I found out that I won a pair of the Blowfish Shoes Garren platform sandals from Meet Virginia Design! I have totally been lusting over these shoes for some time so I am really, really excited that I am now adding them to my wardrobe! Perfect summer sandal! Now it just needs to stop snowing...

2. I spent the majority of this past Saturday thrifting with Suze from Miss Vinyl Ahoy. Major fun ensued. I mean, 1.) I was thrifting so obviously that was fun, but 2.) Suze is a blast. Anyway, check out some photos of some of our outfits and escapades over at her blog today. :)


  1. oh i love the contrast of colours and prints



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  3. Sometimes you just can't let the weather change what you wear! Love the patterns :)

  4. I love this look! The two patterns together are sooo cute. I never do light colored outerwear but I may have to reconsider. ALSO, I've always seen Maggy London pieces I like, but never ended up purchasing... may have to reconsider that as well haha.

    Brixton Street

  5. LOVE the print mixing...great colors....Ive had it with Winter!!!
    Ill have to check out the thrifting pics!!!

  6. SWIRLTASTIC. Seriously this outfit is delicious, it reminds me of, what are those called?, um the chocolate and vanilla swirl cones. Yum. K we seem to talk about food a lot with each other. My point is I love your outfit and also eating.

  7. I am loving the print-on-print here! And ahhh I am so sick of the snow too! It shouldn't be snowing in mid April!


  8. I love your style, I feel as if when I don't know what to wear, your blog is just a click away!(I love mixing prints) -xxoo
    Congrats on the lovely 'statements in fashion' feature!


  9. OO that's really cool how the patterns compliment each other!


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