March 22, 2011

Paper Doll Project: Take One

I was super excited when I learned that Suze was putting together The Paper Doll Project. I had enjoyed her blog posts that had started it all between her blog, Liz and Erin... I couldn't wait to join in!

Today marks the first edition of the Paper Doll Project! My chosen item was this vibrant red sweater. I picked it because I wear it next to never. I always have a hard time styling it because I don't normally wear A) thick sweaters or B) sweater that don't button down. Determined to find a new way to style it, I chose it as my initial clothing piece. Check out what my partner, Lauren at Consumerism Killed My Soul, picked out for me to wear...

Paper Doll Project: Take One
Sweater: Old Navy, thrifted, $2.50
Dress: Karen Kane, thrifted, ?
Belt: Gift from my boyfriend years ago
Shoes: Merona, Thrifted, $4
Glasses: SEE Eyewear

Comfortable and classic yet with a little added flair by way of the animal print flats. Perfect for work! Truthfully, Lauren and I each exchanged a few different looks with each other and then chose the one we liked best to wear. I actually liked all the ideas she gave me but decided to go with this look this morning because it was so soft and comfortable. That was the exact mood I was in so this was a perfect fit.

Paper Doll Project: Take One

It's a shame you don't see how vibrant this sweater is in these photos. My dim inside lights don't do it justice. I would have loved to take an outside photo but it is snowing as I write this. Yes, snowing. Again. After being 63 degrees on Monday. Oh, Michigan.

Paper Doll Project: Take One

Truth be told, I would have never thought to pair this sweater with these shoes. The cable knit design of the sweater would normally lead me to pull some quiet looking black shoes out of my closet to pair with this preppy sweater. Lauren really liked these animal print flats so she paired them with the outfit...

Paper Doll Project: Take One

I've got to hand it to her! The animal print with the red looks gorgeous. This outfit was actually probably the most simple outfit idea she sent me - the other outfits had more layers to them - but I think this one works so well together, just three pieces all in good harmony!

Paper Doll Project

Want to see more? First, take a look at how I styled Lauren! Then, check out the complete list of Paper Dolls below!

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  1. Yay! Glad you liked it! :D You look FABULOUS!

  2. I love it! The red is so cheerful and the flats are so fierce!

  3. Love the belted sweater and animal print flats....super sweet sweetie:)

    Lookin good!! What a fun project:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  4. Cool outfit! Very quirky! Fun project though.

  5. i love what y'all did with each others outfits! those shoes are adorable, but they look like they're a pain to keep in good, clean condition. you take great care of your stuff!

  6. So cute AND comfy! What a great outfit!

  7. Cute!! Fun project and I love the red and cheetah!
    Amber's Notebook

  8. I love the shoes with that sweater! Very fun. :)

  9. Love the red sweater, it's a great color on you and red is such a fun color to wear. Nice blog

    Just started a fashion blog in SF with my first giveaway


  10. Love your look! I want to join in on this project the next time they host it. I'd love the challenge. Great job and that sweater is awesome!


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