March 3, 2011

23/30: Suitable

I think I finally styled these pants in a way that made me like them! If you remember, I wore these a few times early on in the remix and struggled with them. I'm not sure if they've swayed me enough to keep them after the remix, but I did like them in this outfit today.

23/30: Suitable
Pants: Old Navy, OLD
Black/White Top: Persaman New York, thrifted, $3.60
Velvet Blazer: Banana Repubic, thrifted, ?
Boots: CA Collection by Cirrini, thrifted, $6.50
Glasses: SEE Eyewear
Bracelet: Handmade by my BFF!

I've always enjoyed reading The Daybook's Awkward and Awesome Thursday posts. I think today is the perfect day for me to join in because it was definitely one of those days for me... and then some.

- Getting an email from your boss that makes you totally sad for about an hour and then totally mad the rest of the day. And the content not being worth your time being sad or mad about. Stupid. (Don't worry... it was nothing that was necessarily bad. I haven't done anything wrong. I'll get over it.)
- Eating fast food for dinner for the second time this week.
- Skipping the gym after work. Mr. Gym and I officially now have dates scheduled for Friday night and Saturday morning.
- Dropping a glass on my tile floor during lunch and having it shatter. Everywhere.

- Kicking ass and taking names at work today. I got so much done despite being crazy busy.
- Sweet customers who comment on the bracelet my BFF made me and my glasses.
- Enjoying fast food instead of going to the gym!
- Ernie, my kitty, giving the best cuddle ever when I picked him up after my terrible day at work.
- For scheduling a day off this Monday weeks ago for no reason... well, now I have a reason: MENTAL HEALTH and relaxation!
- Planning a DIY project for this weekend...
- My mom bringing me packages tomorrow that I have received in the mail (I send most things to my parents house to ensure I get them)!

How are you awkward and/or awesome today?


  1. i hope you're feeling better today! i liked your outfit that wasn't yesterday, hopefully you get to wear it again sometime!
    sad for weirdo boss comments, but yea for fast food and no gym today, that sounds like ME!! hahahaha!


  2. awkward - running into a door as i was opening it

    awesome - seeing crocuses (crocii?) in the yard that the squirrels dug up & replanted instead of eating

  3. Love this outfit, the pants totally worked. I also like the slightly monochromatic thing you have going on here, it is totally working for me. Heart the glasses, mine a similar... but different :)

  4. I think this outfit is awesome!! You look awesome and the glasses are killer!!

    I Live For It

    Xx. Jewls and Liza

  5. Pants work! Love it! I'm glad that Ernie was able to comfort you after a crazy-busy day.

  6. I love your Outfit!

  7. I really love that outfit and I think you can use your pants with tons of stuff especially now that wide leg pants are making a comeback!!!!
    Ah email from boss, thats how I feel whenever I get my love/hate email from my boss

  8. Love the awkward/awesome idea!

  9. Love the pants....and I posted my first A&A Thursday was fun wasnt it??A definite weekly deal on my blog:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  10. I love the pin-stripe pant/glasses together - you've got a hot professor look going on!

  11. I love this neutral color combo - it's all about the textures and the pattern play.
    I also love that the fast food vs. gym made it into both awkward and awesome categories. I have a love hate relationship with it, too!


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