February 9, 2011

7/30: Easy Living

Sometimes there is nothing better than a classic button up and a comfy sweater, am I right? I took that idea and tried to run with it today by adding in a splash of different patterns.

7/30: Easy Living
Sweater: Old Navy, thrifted, $2.30
Black/White Button Up: Persaman New York, thrifted, $3.60
Black Pants: New York and Company, olddddd
Socks: Target, $2
Shoes: Dolce Vita for Target, $7.48
Necklace: Thrifted, olddd
Glasses: SEE Eyewear

Confession: Before the 30x30 started, I made a quick run to a thrift store I had never been to and found a bunch of goodies. I added them into my remix without even trying them on. This can have two effects: 1) It turns out really well or 2) It works terribly. There doesn't seem to be a grey area when I do this - it is either really great or really bad. Luckily, so far, it's been really good. This button up and sweater were two items included in my bag of chance.

7/30: Easy Living

I love the pattern on both. You all already know I'm a huge fan of black and white together. I could probably live in black and white. But, yeah, it would probably get a little boring after a while, even for me.

I was quite excited when I found this sweater because I've been wanting one with a similar design. It's perfect for winter, no? Plus, I really liked the colors this one has - black, grey, white, tan and aqua. Perfect combination to wear with almost anything.

7/30: Easy Living

I was pretty happy to pull this necklace out from the depths of my jewelry box. It normally gets no use during the winter because it seems like it is better suited with my summer clothes... but I hate when that happens! Why save things for only one part of the year (well, I mean, unless it's a swimsuit, of course...)?! This was the perfect sweater to pair it up with and set those silly notions to the side.


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