February 2, 2011

2/30: Big Comfy Style

Today's outfit brought to you by Snowzilla 2011. The only thing is that Snowzilla turned out to just be snow, at least here in Michigan. They projected that we would be hit with 15 inches but we ended up with six. Six inches of snow in Michigan is no big deal. Just another day, for the most part. Yes, most schools were closed but life still went on for me and off to work I went.

2/30: The Comfy
Black Tee: Mossimo, Thrifted, ?
Pants: Old Navy, ?
Scarf: (Cape in disguise!) Cejon, Parisian, $30
Shoes: Dolce Vita for Target oxfords, $7.48
Glasses: SEE Eyewear

Yes, all I wanted for my non-snow-day-work-day was to be warm and comfortable. I had already woken up grumpy after calling our emergency employee line and finding out work was indeed not canceled... I knew I wasn't going to want to spend the day in an uncomfortable outfit. This fit the ticket perfectly.

2/30: The Comfy

This scarf is a cape in disguise. I actually almost added this piece (as a cape) to my 30 pieces but then changed my mind. I looked at it last night and actually got a little sad because it's so soft and comfortable - exactly what I wanted to wear today. That's when I told myself to snap out of it and think of something. Um, duh, wear it as a scarf. It almost worked out better as a scarf then a cape because it was nestled right next to my neck all day keeping me warm, despite my short sleeves.

2/30: The Comfy

Funny story: I call this my "work snuggie" because I wore it to work one day (as a cape) and someone commented that it looked like a blanket. I'm not sure whether that was meant as a compliment or not, but let's just assume it was. A blanket I can wear at work and get away with? I'll take that any day! :)


  1. We were also hit by a snow storm in Montreal and it is brutally cold! But love how you are rockin a fabulous outfit in this terrible weather!

  2. Love the scarf in disguise :) Thanks for the sweet comment! Loving your commitment to budgeting your closet!


  3. Perfect! The cape/scarf hybrid just really amps this up into the realm of wonderful!

  4. i would have never known that was a cape! def looks comfy and cozy. sorry snowzilla passed you guys up....but, not really. you dont want to be dealing with all this craziness!

  5. I was thinking to myself, that scarf is OUT OF CONTROL!!! SOOOO SUPER CUTE! I love it! Glad you were able to work it into the mix, afterall! good thinking.

  6. Heck yeah, take the compliment. If it wasn't, then chalk it up to jealousy. Who wouldn't want to look fab in something so comfy. That was very clever of you!

  7. Love everything about this! Menswear prints, wide-leg pant, and of course your "scarf in disguise!" I'm going to have to throw an oversized scarf into my repertoire! :)


  8. I have a work "snuggie," too. Aren't they the best?! Mine is in the form of a heavy knit poncho but I think I like yours better. I want one ASAP! It totally takes over your whole shirt and looks like a shirt all in itself. I adore this comfy look!


  9. I completely love your work snuggie/cape in disguise. I'm adding such an item to my wish list, immediately!
    This snow storm was so much hype and not so much snow - at least in Northern Michigan!

  10. i never would have thought to do that with a cape - i might have to try that. brilliant!

  11. You cap/scarf is awesome.


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