February 23, 2011

17/30: Easy Street

Sometimes you wake up in the morning wanting something easy and light. Today was one of those days for me. This isn't something I would normally pair together, but I think it worked out ok.

17/30: Easy Street
Top: J. Crew, thrifted, $1.75
Skirt: Peter Popovitch, thrifted, $1.50
Boots: Franco Fortini, eBay, OLD
Necklace: Gift from my Secret Santa at work this year!
Glasses: SEE Eyewear

I've been itching to wear this necklace since my "Secret Santa" gifted it to me over the Christmas holiday in December. Each day of Secret Santa week at work I received a new jewelry gift! It was by far one of the best Secret Santa years I have had yet, for sure.

17/30: Easy Street

This skirt is always an easy choice for me. It feels like I am wearing nothing all day long, as stange as that sounds. It's black, it's pleated and it's a soft, smooth material that is still machine washable. Katie approved right there, folks. Plus, it has good movement... you know how much I like that...

17/30: Easy Street

What do you turn to for an easy look?


  1. Love the pleats... and I know what you mean about finding a perfect "easy" skirt. I always find skirts to be easier to wear (for me) than pants.
    Also - is that a Vera Bradley bag I see peeking out from the left hand side of the bottom photo? I have the same print in a travel jewelry case. Love the bright primary colored flowers!

  2. long but still fairly thin skirts are always an easy look for me, especially in the spring.

    that necklace is stinkin' cute! :D

  3. THAT skirt cost that little?? See...this is why I love bloggers....I love seeing everyones steals...and that fab skirt is a steal, indeed:)

    I seem to turn to dresses instead of pants for ease...go figure:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my FAB ModCloth Giveaway!!♥

  4. I love the soft pink and black... soooo pretty.

    I've never worn a skirt longer than like, knee length but after checking out this post I think I definitely need one. Great outfit!

    Brixton Street

  5. This outfit made me go *sighhhhhhhhh* because it's so dreamy.

    My easy outfit is floral dress + docs. Works every time!


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