January 3, 2011

Inspired By: Day2DayWear

Back in November I fell in love with one of Jodi's (of Day2DayWear) 30 for 30 Remix looks. It combined red, zebra print and brown. (See how she rocked it here!) Red and zebra print? That I would do. Mix in brown? I never would have done that. Now... remember, I'm getting over my whole "no mixing black and brown" thing!

Zebra/Red/Brown - 01/03/11
Red Coat: Massini, Thrifted
Zebra Dress: Mossimo, Thrifted
Black Tank: Old Navy, $2
Black Footless Tights: ??
Brown Boots: St. John's Bay, Thrifted, $4.60
Necklace: Thrifted

Not only was this outfit inspired by a fellow blogger but it also tied in with my whole wear items I never wear thing. I never wear this red coat. Why? It's frumpy. I seem to forget that fact every time I wear it because it keeps making it back into my closet. No more. This one officially has a spot saved in my donate/swap pile now. (Also, this is where I apologize for my glare. It's been a long day and forced smiles are equally as ugly, right?)

Zebra/Red/Brown - 01/03/11

Red and zebra? This is a Katie do. I love the classic mix of red with black and white. OK, is there any color that doesn't look great paired with black and white? Not in my book.

Zebra/Red/Brown - 01/03/11

Out of my comfort zone: Brown boots with a non-brown outfit. I did it and I loved it. I would have loved to tie the brown in with a brown belt like Jodi did but this red coat already has a belt attached to it so there was no undoing that.

Red/Zebra/Brown - 01/03/11

My version of tying the brown in: A red, black and tan necklace. One of my favorite things about this necklace is that the tan beads sometimes look tan and they sometimes look grey. Multifunctional. They look grey in this picture but I think against the brown you would see how they look tan.

What did you wear recently that was outside your comfort zone?


  1. You mix it girlie!!! Love the outfit....love Jodi too:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  2. Heck YES, Katie, it works!! I think the necklace is a ridiculously perfect touch. I just love it when other bloggers inspire me to try something new!

  3. I used to have a thing against brown & black too, but thank goodness I'm over it. This outfit rocks, and I don't think the jacket looks frumpy at all.


  4. I know what you mean with brown and black - I'm still getting over it. You're totally rocking it and helping me!

  5. i did shorts with tights - didn't get a photo of it, but at least i tried. and i got a little bolero cardigan thing - i used to think those were so pointless.

  6. I kind of love the jacket but if you don't DITCH IT!~

    And that necklace is SO SUPA CUTE!

  7. Love this combo! The jacket looks great!

  8. hey..... I LOVE IT>. looks amazing on you.. and wow, I feel so flattered.. I think this is the first time anyone borrowed an idea from me!! or at least, that they told me.. ohhhh I feel so special!! LOL.. you look mawwwvvveeellous DAHLING xxo J

  9. I love your necklace and boots

  10. That is a beautiful colour and pattern mix, sweetie. I so love that jacket
    Happy Tuesday:)

  11. It looks great and I love that your a thrifter!

  12. Those boots are such an awesome thrift find!!!!!!! Love the whole outfit and brown is great on you!!


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