December 18, 2010

Inspired By: ROMYGOLD

So, I never mentioned it here on the blog, but I won the Biker Slash bag from ROMYGOLD in a giveaway at Tres Chic Now. I about keeled over when I found out. I mean, I'm frugal - we all know that - so I honestly don't own a bag this nice. Well, now I do and I was so excited when I got it in the mail that I immediately had to share it with you all... and base my outfit around it...

Inspired by Romygold  (12/18/10)
Top: No tag, Thrifted
Black Sweater: Worthington, JCPenny
Jeans: Banana Republic, Thrifted
Black Knee Highs: ??
Shoes: Transit, Thrifted, $3.49
Glasses: SEE Eyewear
Purse: Romygold, FREE, won in giveaway

This is noteworthy for a few reasons. 1.) I never dress this good on a weekend. Hence the reason I rarely blog on the weekend. I'm honest - I just don't bother on the weekends unless I'm really going somewhere. Also, I broke one of my own rules and wore socks (well, knee high nylons) with open toe shoes. I've seen it around the blogosphere a lot as of late and liked what it looked like on everyone else. I typically wouldn't pair the two together because I live in Michigan and, well, it is snowy and freezing here. The look isn't very smart to wear in winter in Michigan but I threw that out the window today. I'm hitting the shops for a few last minute Christmas gifts and decided I would rock it out.

Shoes (12/18/10)

I love, love, love that this bag combines black and brown on the handles. If you remember, I'm trying to work more black and brown (together) into my outfits. This works perfectly into that! Also - the handles are wood. They are so sturdy and gorgeous.... did I think I would ever say that about a purse handle? Well, no, but here I am saying it!

My Romygold!

Yes, my outfit was completely inspired by the bag today. I know none of these things are 30x30 pieces but I don't normally blog on the weekend so I slightly bent the rules. :)

Inspired by my new Romygold bag (12/18/10)

In conclusion: All I have to say is THANK YOU ROMYGOLD and Tres Chic Now! And I will leave you with this...

LOVE my new Romygold bag! (12/18/10)


  1. The bag is awesome! But my favorite part of this outfit is the shirt/sweater thing you've got going on. Really cute!

  2. hooray - yay for winning! that bag is ginormous, wowzers. you did a great job creating the outfit around it. love the pattern in the top.

  3. I love wearing black and brown! This looks great! Love the black socks and brown sandals.

  4. That bag is amazing! Man where was I when that giveaway was going on? haha just kidding.
    Those shoes are AMAZING by the way. love, love, love.

  5. This is a freaking superb look. Hello to those shoes, lady! And congrats on the bag. What a score!! I'd be sleeping inside that mother (or at least with my head on top of or next to it) for weeks. It is beautiful.


  6. congrats on winning! i love me some free swag. you look amazing as usual:)
    Yours Mine and Ours

  7. First, you pulled off the socks and sandals look flawlessly! And second, WOWZA on that bag! Lucky girl :)

  8. Congrats on your win, darling ~ that bag is incredible!

    Loving this whole look!


  9. Yep, that bag deserves it! It's great.

  10. How cool do you look? LOVE this outfit.....and of course the bag...what a great thing to win....:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my Spoil Me Fashion Jewelry Giveaway!!♥

  11. i love the handbag, its definitely unique!


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