December 19, 2010

End of the weekend link love...

Proof you can find fashion almost anywhere

This picture is proof you can find fashion almost anywhere. It was actually taken a few weeks ago on a weekend when my little brother (he's 13) and I spent some quality time together. He wanted to hit up Gander Mountain so I obliged. He tried on hunting gear and... so did I. The only difference is he is interested in it for hunting purposes and I am interested in this hat because it was cute. Tomato, Tom├Ąto.

Anyway... here is a little bit of link love to end this weekend. I've been collecting some link love for a while now so don't be suprised if some of the links are a little old. :)

- A little while ago Suze was holding a little competition on her facebook page where her readers could put together a final 30x30 look for her using Polyvore. I submitted a few different looks... and one ended up winning! Check her out in her final 30x30 look right here. How cute does she look in this pink and animal print get up? I love it! (But I'm biased.)

- I love the look of this scarf from Conversation Pieces. The lace, the cotton, the fringe... It's so pretty!

- Modpodging shoes? Yes, please. The minute my best friend sent me this link it was at the very top of my to-do-DIY-list. I love this idea because I have a ton of shoes that could totally use a funky upgrade like this.

- Looking to add some glam to these next few holiday weeks but don't have any extra money to buy anything? I feel ya. Check out this DIY glitter nail dip polish how to from A Pair and A Spare and This Is What I Do. I basically now want glitter nails every day of my life thanks to this post. And I'm not even a nailpolish kind of girl!

- Proof that I need to start sewing again... Check out the amazing ball gown that Casey created for herself to wear to her husband's navy ball. So elegant, so pretty, so glamorous. Oh my dear!

- I keep coming back to this post at Ham and Must Have to keep my socks with shoes inspiration running strong. I've said it before but I'll say it again - I'm not a socks girl. This post helps me feel inspired and, well, that thing called winter helps too.

- One of my favorite 30x30 remix looks was this one from day2daywear. Zebra, red, and brown? Never would I have thought to put such things together but it SO works! I've actually saved this for a little outfit recreation inspiration, but that's a post for another day. :)

- And, finally, another amazing link my best friend sent me (she's amazing like that): DIY glitter boots at Freshly Picked. Amazing. I'm still trying to hunt down the perfect thrifted pair of boots to glitterize but rest assured a glitter pair of boots will adorn my feet soon enough!


  1. I love that you had the link from Freshly Picked! Because I have had it saved on my link list for a while. I have the perfect shoes to try this DIY on!!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I want to try the DIY glitter and modpodge boots!

  3. LOVE the daughter picked up one similar, believe it or not at H&M, the links, Ill be sure to check to them all our further today after work:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  4. You should be biased! I love that outfit!! :)

    Oh, and I finally stopped being lazy and added you to my MI blogger blogroll. Yay!!

  5. I love that the scarf was described as buttery. I used to read LL Bean catalog descriptions years ago and they always got me at "buttery soft". Sigh.

  6. I really like that glitter naip dip polish idea:) Happy Wednesday,sweetie


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