December 3, 2010

30 for 30: Day NINETEEN (12/03/10)

Casual Friday has finally arrived and with it brought the start of my three day weekend at 4:31pm! It felt so good to work out of my building and know I didn't have to come back for a few days. Sometimes you just need a mental break from the craziness of work, am I right?

Jeans: Xhilaration, Target
White Shirt: Mossimo Supply Co, Target
Olive "Dress": American Apparel, via Rue La La (w/ credit & shipping included!): $7.90
White Scarf: Apt 9, Kohls
Greyish Tan Scarf: Old Navy, $3 (clearance)
Boots: Xhilaration, Thrifted, $8.99
Glasses: SEE Eyewear

Yes, American Apparel likes to call this a dress but I would have to disagree. My dresses typically do not show my bottom... I don't know about you. :) I prefer to wear this as a top.

I feel like I have worn this top to bits but after looking back through my posts, I see I have only worn it twice! Isn't that silly? Anyway, I think next week I am going to try wearing it to work on a less-casual day and see how that goes. It's begging to be worn with something other than jeans.

30 for 30: Day NINETEEN (12/03/10)

I absolutely adore both of these scarves. I picked them up toward the end of summer for super cheap as they are both relatively light, summery scarves. I'm not into packing such things away for the winter... I figure there has got to be different ways I can wear them to make them last through each season. And right I was! Layer the two together and they're perfect. I love the mix of color, the softness and the warmth. Scarves are a short haired girl's BFF!

My plans for the weekend: A birthday party tonight for my boyfriend's mom, Christmas tree hunting (of the real variety) with my parents and little brother, Christmas-tree-in-storage picking up (of the fake variety) for me, cleaning, Christmas decorating and a whole lot of relaxing and playing with my favorite furry monster cat. Welcome to the weekend! :)


  1. love your casual friday look!! you look so layered and comfortable - which is always wonderful!!

  2. I know! Its crazy when they say something is a dress when its clearly a tunic! Anyway, great outfit....have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Love your outfit, the scarf is really nice. I agree with you about longer shirts being called dresses...definitely not a fan of the bum showing! Have fun Christmas Tree hunting!!


  4. Oh my gosh...why do some places call things that short dresses? I think that all the time. I know I am tall, but come on people.
    That said, I like how you used the 'dress' as a top.
    The Auspicious Life

  5. I love how comfortable and stylish you look. I have a "dress" or two from H&M that are really tunics -they're just too short to actually be worn as dress.

  6. Two scarves worn together...great idea!I will try this out soon!Thanks for the inpiration!

  7. looooove this. two scarves together is the best combo ever! definitely warm for us short-haired girls.

  8. Hey Katie! I just love your olive "dress" :) And you are so creative with the scarves - I totally thought it was one pretty two-toned scarf!

  9. I LOVE this outfit on you! I especially love how the two scarves work so well together :)

  10. Its a really sweet outfit...I love the idea of wearing two scarves..They look amazing
    Happy MOnday, sweetie

  11. Valuable info. Lucky me I found your site by accident, I bookmarked it.

  12. i had five "dresses" included in my remix and they are all basically tunics. so silly!

    i love all the layers you have here, and the scarf!


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