November 2, 2010

Rock That Vote!

I'm just going to put this out there - I am not against theme dressing. Easter time? Perfect time to dress in pastel Easter egg dye colors. Halloween around the corner? Give me orange and black. (Which you would have noticed last week if I would not have been so busy!) And it's no different for election day...

WIW: 11/02/10 - Election Day!
White tank: (underneath) Walmart
Plaid Button Up: This is actually my boyfriend's shirt! Old Navy
Red Sweater: Old Navy, Thrifted, $2.50
Jeans: Banana Republic, thrifted ions ago
Plaid Shoes: Rocketdog, thrifted ions ago
Glasses: SEE Eyewear

I've been meaning to wear this sweater for a while. It is so soft, so comfortable and so bright. Did you notice I'm dressed down and it's not a Friday? I always get election day off from work. My job does have its perks every now and again! Good thing, too, because I am feeling terrible... You'll have to ignore the fact that I am extra pale and red-nosed. The cold/flu/whatever bug has crept back to me once again... I'm currently self-medicating with tomato soup.

Ready to show your support on election day? Check out these election inspired picks that I put together...

Rock the Vote! @ Fashion Frugality

1. Striped Boat Neck Tee @ Old Navy, $10
2. Vintage Red/White/Denim Blue Dress @ Good Golly Miss Mollys, $20
3. Personalized Applique Initial Coin Purse @ Chip & Bloom, $24
4. Tiny Silver Eagle Pin @ Evening Angel, $5
5. Cabridge Classy Striped Cardigan @ Ruche, $38.99
6. Haiku Scarf in White Rabbit @ Modcloth, $24.99
7. Tiny Silver Star Stud Earrings @ Michelle Chang Jewelry, $30
8. Knee Length Flower Pop skirt @ Sunshine In The Cellar, $21
9. Forget-Me-Dot Frock @ Modcloth, $44.99
10. Vintage white shirt dress @ By Gone Eras Vintage, $38
11. Vintage gold eagle necklace @ Story Land Vintage, $8
12. City Graphic T @ Gap, $9.99
13. UO Suede Pump @ Urban Outfitters, $48
14. Long Sleeve V-Neck Sweater w/ Sequin Pocket @ Kmart, $24.49
15. Converse Jack Purcell @ Zappos, $55
16. Vintage Peppermit Dot Scarf @ The Bag Basement, $12
17. Roosevelt Eyeglass Frame @ Warby Parker, $95
18. Vintage button down shirt @ Fine Vintage Apparel, $8.40
19. Broad Striped Floral Dress @ Lea's Vintage, $25
20. Adorable vintage blazer @ Sacre Coeur Vintage, $32

Not sure where you are supposed to vote? Don't let that stop you -


  1. Ohh hope you will feel better soon...but you really look adorable:) Love that outfit

  2. I'm not against theme dressing either! (In fact I might go as far to say taht my friends and I do it a little too much!)

    I like your outfit, it's themed (with your American flag colours!) yet very classy at the same time :)

  3. SO cute! I love what you've done with this post!

  4. I love theme dressing too, often do I make up themes just so I can play along.

    Love to see your spirit in dressing for Election Day!

  5. I don't think you will understand how sad I am that I didn't see this post BEFORE I chose my 30 for 30. The sweater! That button down! Of course, I've THOUGHT of this kind of combo before but never seen it in action quite like this.
    Loving it! I look forward to seeing your 30 for 30.


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