November 6, 2010

Planning: 30 for 30

Planning for: 30 for 30

I so enjoyed watching everyone complete the last 30 for 30 Closet Remix that I thought I would give it a try myself this time around. Don't get me wrong... I've actually thought long and hard about doing this. Confession? I have an overstuffed (and then some) closet. I have so many clothes that I often go long spurts of time without wearing the same thing twice. Sure, this is nice, but it's also really not - My remix score might as well be a zero. Yes, a lot of my clothes are remixable but considering I have so many, they rarely are remixed! It's a shame.

That being said, I'm quite excited to give this a shot. It's going to be a bit of a challenge for me - but I really like that aspect of it. I hope it teaches me that you don't necessarily need a lot - that a little can go a long way. I've started planning this morning on what to add to the collection. I'm playing it safe since this is my first try - you'll probably be seeing a lot of black and white pieces. I didn't want to start with anything too crazy on my first challenge. :)

Did you join the 30 for 30 Closet Remix?


  1. I excited to see your choices! And you have the most amazingly neat handwriting. I am jealous!

    This is my first 30for30 as well. I went with some classic pieces, but I also threw in some patterns and colors to make it more interesting.

  2. I love seeing other people lists. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that planned and planned.

  3. Thanks for your comment!

    I'm getting really excited for the 30 for 30. I have fallen into a serious rut with my clothes. I have all my stand-by outfits and, like you said, never get around to remixing! Such a great challenge.

  4. I lack the commitment, so I plan on living vicariously through your remixes. :)

    Lovely blog, dear. Can't wait to see your mixes.

    PS: I'm jealous of your handwriting. Very.

    Love Always,
    Amber Rose

  5. I'm excited to see how everyone does the 30 for 30 remix. I didn't see it last time around but I'm sure everyone is bound to get creative. I too have an overstuffed closet and I'm not sure I can give up being able to wear anything I want for 30 days!

  6. I'm doing it! This is my first, too, and I'm wondering if I'm nuts trying to do this through a season change in Chicago. Still, I'm looking forward to it.

    I like seeing your planning notes. I did the same, which makes me giggle over my (our!) nerdiness.

  7. This is a really cool idea I'd actually like to count how many pieces I have 30 doesn't really seem that many if you include accessories? Or is it just shoes and clothes? Definitely teaches you to be more creative and appreciate the clothes you already have.

  8. found you on kendi's remixer list (i'm participating too) and i'm so happy to see someone else who made a hand-written list! i love your handwriting, especially how you cross your t's.

  9. I love remixers! It's such a brilliant idea by Kendi and I can't wait to see what you come up with :)

    Your bottomless closet sounds heavenly, btw! I feel like I'm always wearing the saaaame thing.

    Bea from A plus B

  10. We are like neighbours on Kendi's remix list so I thought of saying Hi! and wish you Happy remixing!

  11. Your handwriting is beyond words!

  12. LOVE IT, so pretty. Take a look on my blog and feel free to follow me, I'm following you. I would love if we could follow each other, ohh and if you have twitter you can add me too or facebook . I would be so glad. ♥, Jo

  13. Thanks, guys! So nice to have support on this project and so delighted to know I am not the only one who did a handwritten list. :)

    Thank you for the handwriting compliments! I get that a lot! :) Always, always nice to hear! My parents would be proud. Ha ha.


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