October 19, 2010

Look What I Bought: Lace Skirt

I finally bit the bullet and hit up my local Target for something I have been lusting over for a while now...
Look what I bought!

Target likes to call these lace skirts Smokey and Old Lace, but I like to call it the Kyla no matter what color it is because she rocks it SO well. In fact, she is the reason I bought it! I was initially hesitant on buying one because I didn't know what to wear it with... but she has shown so many great ways to work it that I could resist no longer!

The best part? The skirt is on clearance right now at Target (well, at least at my store). The asking price on each skirt? $4.24 That's true fashion frugality right there, folks. :)

Now I need to plan on what to pair with each and when to wear it!


  1. $4.24?? Now that's what I call a DEAL. Don't you just love Target?
    I bought a lace skirt a few months ago from H&M and I've found so many great things to pair it with. Now I'm trying to convince my wallet that I need these ones too..

  2. Oh, yes, I love Target! :) I have to make sure my wallet is in decent standing before I even walk in there because I ALWAYS know I am going to walk out with more than I originally planned. :)

  3. i got TWO of those skirts when i was at target a few weeks ago-- gray and black! they look like they could be expensive but sha-bang! 8 bucks! if i had waited... 4.24!

  4. Such a great purchase! Will look awesome on you :)
    Kind of wish we had Target in Canada for real!

  5. Hou la la, was a great purchase Katie!
    Totally wish we had Target in Canada :)


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