October 5, 2010

Lesson in Frugality: Lace Up Boots

All I can think about right now is boots. Boots, boots, boots. I blame it on the SUPER CHILLY weather we have been getting right now. I know it's fall, but this weather has been making me think Michigan was going to skip that season all together and move right on in to winter. That being said, I went on the hunt tonight for the perfect lace up boots. I'm picturing these paired with some nice knit socks and a pretty full skirt. Sassy!

Lesson in Frugality!

Quite a price difference, no?! Don't get me wrong... the Steve Madden Harllem boot is gorgeous. I like its smooth leather finish. I could see these paired easily with almost any outfit thanks to it's classic finish.

HOWEVER. You're here because you are frugal, like me. We don't regularly spend $99 on shoes. Well, I don't... especially when I know this boot may not be one I want to wear next fall. That's where the Route 66 Justine boot comes in. This lady is quite a deal at $29.99. Her finish is not as smooth as the Harllem boot, but that's ok. I like the more worn-in look this boot has - it adds an edgier look to it, which I think is perfect with a boot like this.

Which do you prefer?


  1. Love the SM ones:)

    Super cute!!

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