October 22, 2010

Another Pink Casual Friday

Dress for a Cure

I decided that since my Casual Friday donation (we have to pay $1 towards a charity every Friday if we wish to dress casual) was being used to help fight breast cancer, pink would be an appropriate color to wear. I paired it with a very neutral tan sweater to not only help out with the chill factor but to also tone down the hot pink a bit. Plus, get a load of how much I paid for this sweater at the thrift store yesterday. It was a half off price sale day. Such days are also known as Katie's Happy Days. Especially after having a long, bad day at work. Especially then.

WIW: 10/22/10
Jeans: Mossimo Skinnies (Target), Thrifted
White Tank: Deb, $7
Pink V-Neck Tee: City Streets, JCPenny, $5
Tan Sweater: Belle du Jour, Thrifted, $0.75
Boots: Sugar, Gift from my boyfriend, Christmas 2009
Glasses: SEE Eyewear

I've been itching to get these boots out of their box and onto my feet for a few weeks now. The autumn chill has finally arrived and my feet couldn't be happier. I love heels... but I also love me some comfy boots! Plus, the plaid has just the slightest hint of the same pink in my shirt, so the two coordinated together perfectly.

My funky fall boots

Now does that picture scream fall or what!? :)


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