September 30, 2010

Sting Like A Bee

Guys, I cannot stop thinking about yellow and black. Together. Forever.

1. Vintage Dressy Dress @ Bottle Blonde Vintage, $18
2. Vintage Splatter Paint Metal Pierced Earrings @ The Turnip Truck, $8.50
3. Vintage Bumble Bee Sweater Knit Pencil Skirt @ Mother Midnight, $24
4. Vintage Bumble Bee Color Block Top @ Tamallama, $20
5. Beaded Indi Necklace @ StockExchange, $25
6. Vintage Egyptian Abstract Print Skirt @ Regal Beagle Vintage, $22
7. Sail Me To The Sunset Top @ Shop Ruche, $22.99

What is your favorite color combination right now?


  1. We must be best friends..

    Except, I keep thinking this for my house. Not that any part of my home could handle black and yellow madness, but I dream of it.

  2. Love this color combo :)

  3. Love that yellow dres in the corner!

    My favorite color combo right now is cheetah print and red.

  4. Hi Katie...I just found your blog....
    Im from Michigan too, how cool:)
    Stop by and say hello.....:)

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  5. I'm loving that necklace! Yellow and black is such a great color combination. If only yellow didn't look dreadful on me...

    I adore your boots in the post below! Fabulous use of animal print, and so perfect for fall!


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