September 21, 2010


Some days I am just all about the black.
WIW: 09/21/10
Black Tank: (underneath) Old Navy, $2
Black Tunic: Saville Sport by Rena Roman / Thrifted last year
Black Pants: New York and Company... and literally probably ten years old. No lie.
Black Patent Wedges: Tahari/Thrifted - $3.40
Bangles: Part of a bigger set from Forever21... bought these last year for a wedding.
Glasses: My beloved SEE Eyewear cateye glasses :)
Hair: VERY MUCH in need of a cut and put up while wet today... I was lazy.

This is one of my favorite all black outfits. I typically do not wear a lot of black pieces together - I'm picky and think that each piece I am wearing isn't the same "shade" of black. A little OCD, yes. Welcome to me! :) This look never lets me down though. It's one of my favorite looks to pull together when I am feeling lazy. My favorite thing about the sheer tunic is that it is the perfect length and has slits down either side... which makes it very flowy. The picture doesn't show this as well as I would like but you can kind of see the way it billows as it was slightly windy outside when I was taking these pictures.

WIW: 09/21/10

I bought these bangles last year when I had a wedding to attend. They came as part of a larger set. You'll come to find out pretty quickly that I love bangle bracelets. I think one of the first things I ever bought at a thrift store was a vintage black bangle. I haven't stopped since!

WIW: 09/21/10

I found these shoes the other day on my most recent thrift hunt. $3.40 is quite certainly a deal for Tahari shoes... especially when they appear to have never been worn! Wore them at work all day (which is always the ultimate shoe test!) and couldn't be happier - they are super comfortable!


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