September 14, 2010

Online Shopping Must: Kaboodle

Sunday Morning...
Sunday Morning... by konde1kn

Check out the latest styleboard I made using It's my take on their latest contest: Fashionably Fit.

If you've never used, I urge you to reconsider or check it out! It's the ultimate tool for a shopper - especially if you like to shop online or enjoy sharing your finds with others. I initially joined the site in 2007 (I can't believe it was that long ago!) and have used it consistently ever since. In fact, I've even been given the esteemed pleasure of being deemed an A-Lister for the past two years!

Are you a Kaboodler? Did you just sign up? Add me as a friend! Let's shop together!


  1. Super cute styleboard! Thanks for being such an awesome addition to the Kaboodle community--you rock!

  2. Ugh, I love this whole styleboard. I wish I could afford that hoodie! It looks so comfy, yet sylish. And, that scarf! Be still my heart <3

  3. Al - I know, right? I'd love to try to DIY that hoodie because there is absolutely NO WAY I would spend that much on a hoodie. No way. Isn't that scarf pretty!?


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