September 12, 2010


There has been a pair of boots I've wanted for quite some time now: the thigh high boot. Everytime I see someone wearing them, I die. They look, at least in my opinion, gorgeous on anyone: tall, short, skinny, not skinny... you get the idea. The hard part is finding the right pair to fit your legs. This becomes an even bigger task when you factor in price.

Thigh high boots are no cheap task. Regular footwear can be pricy, so add in the fact that you're asking for a thigh high piece of footwear and you're looking at high prices.

I sat down determined tonight to find the perfect, frugal pair. I am sick of lusting over these beauties! I was ready to make a pair mine. The weather has been particularly chilly here lately so fall/winter has been nipping at my ear. Thoughts of boots, coats and sweaters have been dancing in my head! Oh, yes, I thought... a pair of boots shall become mine tonight!

HOURS later - I came across the Da Viccino Sofit at Yes, perfect! Why? Well, I was looking for a non-suede, angled top pair of boots that looked like they could be roomy enough for my calves. Yes, ladies, I have been cursed blessed with ample calves. This pair provided all of that for me. Why not suede, you ask? I love the suede boots I have seen but felt for my first pair I would prefer to not have suede.

The best part? These came in under $50! Now that's what I call a deal!

Not convinced that these are as fantastic as I think they are? Check out this comparison with a slight lookalike pair:

Don't get me wrong, the Modern Vintage Carina is a gorgeous boot and with it's leather exterior, it's bound to last for ages... but I just don't have the $450 to shell out in this type of situation.

What do you think? Do you like my lookalike?

Looking for the perfect pair of thigh high black boots? Check these out - all pairs are under $50!


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