September 27, 2010

Like The Sea

The minute I laid my eyes on this dress, I knew it had to be mine.
WIW: 09/27/10
White Tank: (not seen) Walmart, OLD
Tan/White Dress: Messages, Thrifted, $3.60
Blue Jersey Knit Cardigan - Old Navy, $5/clearance
Brown Braided Belt - $1.79, Thrifted
Brown Boots - St. John's Bay, $4.60, Thrifted
Brown Glasses - Yes, they're real!, SEE Eyewear

I've been trying to add more "neutrals" to my wardrobe. I wear browns every so often. I next to never wear tan/khaki. I don't know why - I just seem to have always been a black girl. It may be because I'm pale and I feel like that often makes it hard to for me to work such a color into my wardrobe as it tends to draw even more color out of me.

I've been seeing SO many neutral outfits around the blogosphere lately and I just couldn't resist dabbling. I love the design on this dress - the color is neutral but the print is still fun. Plus, I knew it would go perfectly with this blue jersey knit button up that I bought from Old Navy during one of their amazing sales this summer. Blue is another color I don't wear a lot - so this was the perfect "out of my box" outfit for me to put together.

WIW: 09/27/10

These boots? They're a recent thrift purchase too. I love boots. Love, love, love boots. I can never have enough. Boots are something that are hard for me to come by, though... especially at thrift stores. They're either ugly, too tight around my calves (they're meaty, I'm honest) or not my size (I wear a size 9). So, imagine my delight when I walked by these pretty ladies - They are a good style, totally fit around my leg and were my size! And cheap as heck at $4.60. Score! Yes, they're a bit scuffed, but I like that! I think it adds character. Plus, I don't have to worry about being the first to scuff them up!

WIW: 09/27/10

My way to cinch everything in? A good braided belt. They go with everything! I love the cognac color of this one.


  1. I am totally in love with that dress!!! And the boots!

  2. You can borrow either anytime you so desire! :) I had to hacksaw the shoulder pads out of the dress this morning. Normally those are barely sewn to the dress but these were completely sewn in!

  3. super cute! I live where there are virtually no good thrift stores, so its hard to find cute dresses.
    I love how you pulled this look together.


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