September 17, 2010


WIW: Friday, 09/17/10
Shirt - OLD! Arizon from JCPenny
Tank (not seen) - Old Navy, $2
Belt - Thrifted, $1.79
Pants - GAP cords, Thrifted, $5
Shoes - High Lights, Thrifted, $6

Not a very exciting outfit, but I was in the mood for comfort. It was "casual friday" at work which means we can get away with wearing jeans but jeans were not a part of my vocabulary today. Sometimes jeans feel and fit great and sometimes they just don't. Today was one of those days.

I always plan my outfit for the next day the night before. If I tried to plan it out in the morning, I would be eternally late for work. (Um, more so than I am already. Ha.) I slipped these cords on the night before and liked the look of them with these chunky heeled sandals. I'm not loving it as much as I did last night.

WIW: Friday, 09/17/10

OK, I know I have hips. I'm aware of that fact... but these pants seem to really accentuate that fact and I'm not sure I am loving the way they are doing it. I actually bought these cords to do a DIY upcycle on them that I saw in an article within a Teen Vogue issue. They're quite short on me, as I think you can tell, but I was planning on shortening them more to make them into more of a definate flood type pant. I haven't gotten around to it. (Story of my life!)

The shoes... I don't know. I picked them up at one of my favorite thift stores quite a while ago and have been toying between liking and hating them ever since. They remind me of a sandal from the 90's... which, on certain days, as I said, I like and on certain days, I hate. My toes came to a final decision today: NO! I think these are just a tad on the small side for me. My toes felt so scrunched all day long!

Moral of today's story - Sometimes you win, sometimes you don't! :) Keeping items that don't make you look and/or feel good when you wear them isn't worth it. I always believe in a good closet edit every now and again. This outfit has me inspired to do just that!

Want to copy the look? Take a look at similar products linked below. Everything is $50 and under!


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