Put a bird on it!

January 21, 2014
Disclosure: I was provided with a MakerWear hat of my choice and Target gift card in return for my honest opinion of the product and brand. Opinions expressed are always, always my own. The compensation received will never influence my content.

Now that we've talked about hats let me show you the MakerWear hat that I picked out!

Skirt: Vintage, Hand me UP from Suze!
Sweater: Merona, Thrifted
Denim Jacket: Old Navy, Thrifted
Boots: St John's Bay, Thrifted, $4.60
Necklace: Old Navy, $4.99
Hat: ℅ MakerWear [retails for $16.99]
Glasses: Firmoo, $6.95 [exact pair]

Naturally, out of all their hats, it was the Put A Bird On It hat that spoke to me… I'm loving it for two reasons: 1.) It's navy and I think I'm having a color love affair with navy right now and 2.) The birds give it a vintage, happy feel. The artist that created the design is J.J. Spectre who, according the artist bio (all can be found with each hat on the site and the tag that come with the hat), is a unicorn who is a design nerd and type lover. Sounds like a fun guy/gal… hope they're enjoying how I styled the design!

Since the birds are quite colorful, I thought I would go that route too. As you can tell, it was a sunny day and, despite being cold, a sunny day calls for color, am I right? This skirt is such a favorite of mine… I could never believe Suze gave it up, but I'm glad she did and that it came to live with me! This denim jacket is also quite a go to for me… I think it was supposed to be a dress but I use it as a jacket - it fits perfectly over almost everything and covers all the right areas. :-)

I had the day off on Monday so I wore this to do some thrift shopping since it was a half off clothes sale day at Salvation Army. Super comfortable and easy to wear… I normally wear a headband when I don't feel like washing my hair, but I think this hat is a great new addition for those kinds of days! Why did I never think of that before? Cute accessory doing double duty to cover up yesterday's hair? Yes, please.

I love that the underside of the hat brim is a different color than the rest of it. It adds a fun pop of color that I think looks great with my glasses… or my Sally Jesse Raphael's, as I call them. Please tell me you know who SJR is or we might have issues... Plus, red and navy together are just so classic - you can't go wrong with that combination.

One of my favorite things about the hat is that IT FITS MY HEAD! Such a novel concept but I swear I often try on hats and they never seem to really fit my head. I don't know if I have a small head (I wouldn't think so), but all baseballs hats normally feel really roomy on me. This one fits perfectly snug and I think the leather strap and buckle on the back might have a lot to do with that. It allows for a really good fit and it is still easy to adjust while you have it on which I really liked - it made it easy to get the perfect fit without having it take it on and off each time.

So, let's review:
  • MakerWear is powered by the people - they call it "curated crowd sourcing" and they're using it as a powerful new way to bring fashion to market. Independent artists make designs, the best designs get made and…
  • They are sold at Target! I'm sure you can agree - it's one of the best stores. Click here to see if they are available at a Target store near you. (Unfortunately, they're not available in every store yet but let's change that, shall we!?)
  • The hats retail for $16.99. Less than a twenty spot for a new accessory that looks cute AND covers up that dirty hair that we all know you didn't wash this morning……. ;-)


Ready to become a part of the MakerWear revolution? There are a few ways you can take part:
1. BECOME THE FACE OF THE REVOLUTION! Become the role model for the maker revolution… not only will you star in their photoshoot, but you'll also win a $1,000 Target gift card. Uhhh, HELLO! Click here to learn how you can enter! I would love to see one of my readers win this!
2. JOIN ME FOR A TWITTER PARTY! I'll be joining the @MakerWearDesign twitter party hosted by @ThriftyChicMom and @TammileeTips tomorrow, January 22nd, at 9pm. You'll definitely want to come too because there will be fabulous giveaways: five $25 Target gift cards, one $100 Target gift card and 15 MakerWear hats! Head on over to Thrifty & Chic Mom to view the official party details. See you there!

Let's talk hats...

January 20, 2014
Disclosure: I was provided with a MakerWear hat of my choice and Target gift card in return for my honest opinion of the product and brand. Opinions expressed are always, always my own. The compensation received will never influence my content.

Can we talk about hats for a minute? I feel like they are popping up everywhere on everyone's heads… and I'm not talking just for warmth purposes. (Although the past few weeks here in Michigan have been FRIGID. I'm sure many of you can relate.) I'm talking wide brim hats, I'm talking beanies with fancy details, I'm talking baseball hats. I'm especially talking baseball hats.

Growing up, my favorite hat was a deep, bright pink felt hat that had a black ribbon around it. Very much a girlie-girl, I was never into the baseball caps my older brother wore on a daily basis. Back then, they didn't exactly have a wide variety of baseball caps for girls who weren't interested in sports teams. Nowadays, there are so many more choices and I am loving them...

Photo Credit: Garance Dore, Chic City Fashion, J. Crew, Waiting On Martha

I've been gathering some quoteunquote intel on some of my favorite ways others have worn a baseball hat and I am coming to the conclusion that I like mine with a side of feminine touches. Soft leather, full scarves, cuffed sleeves, and amazing statement earrings? Yes, yes, and yes please!

So I was itching to get a hat of my own when Ellen of Thrifty and Chic Mom contacted me asking if she could introduce me to MakerWear - it was kismet! I'm loving the design I picked out and can't wait to show it off to you tomorrow, but let me tell you a little about the MakerWear  folks first.

MakerWear  is powered by the people - as in, the best designs get made and the designer gets a cut of the sales. They call it "curated crowd sourcing" and I love it! Anyone can become the next designer and what the people want gets made. Underground artists get a voice. New ideas come to the forefront. It's a whole new way of bringing new fashion ideas to market.  The hat's tag really sells that idea home:

Right now you can check out all their current designs on their website and can buy the designs in select Target stores. I'm delighted that my favorite mass merchandiser is carrying this brand and hope that more of their stores will start to as well - if you're wondering if you can find them in your neck of the woods, you can use their handy dandy "find your nearest store" tool to find out.

And you know what else is cool? They're currently looking for a face for their revolution… yep, you could be their cover girl! Their model search begins today, January 20th, and runs through February 9th. If you win, you will not only be their cover girl but you'll also have a $1,000 Target gift card in your hand. And, I'm just sayin'… there's a lot you could do with a $1,000 Target gift card. ;-)

Come back tomorrow to see which design I selected and how I wore it… till then, are you into rocking the baseball hat? Which MakerWear design can you see yourself wearing?

Knock, Knock! Anyone there?

January 14, 2014
Guys, it's been ages. Is anyone out there!? Hello, can you hear me? :-) While I've been away, I've been keeping up with everyone via all our social media avenues… but I have been missing my blog something fierce! I miss sharing my good deal alerts and frugal outfits. I miss Winning Wednesday posts!

Here's a little dose of what I have been up to since you last heard from me here...

BOUGHT A HOUSE IN JULY! I call it my Christmas-in-July gift! Best ever! :)

Wore lots of dots… don't act surprised!

Finally bought new glasses… um, five pairs to be exact. These are from Zenni Optical.

Thrifted like a mad woman… psst, this cost $2.10!

And went back to school to study Small Business Administration!

That being said… my plate is pretty full but I am excited to add this as an extra slice to it all. I have some new outfits coming soon, an exciting new hat line to share with you, a new layout to roll out and lots of fashionable giveaways to carry on Winning Wednesdays! See you soon!

Tried & True Review: L'Oreal Paris Magic B.B. Cream

February 25, 2013
A few weeks ago, SheSpeaks offered me the chance to try L'Oreal's Magic B.B. Cream and I jumped at it! I have been reading SO many good things about b.b. creams but had yet to take the plunge because I was pretty happy with my current makeup - which consisted of a foundation and concealer combination. I'm always up to change things up - especially if it comes with the promise of not only covering the things I'd like to hide but also correct issues over time! After using it almost daily for a few weeks now, I can honestly say that I am a believer!

A few things you should know: My skin is sensitive. My skin is acne prone. My skin is combination. I have what some call "adult acne"... I like to call it stress acne. I never had problem skin in middle school, high school or college. Honestly, I never had much acne up until the last few years of my life. Why it suddenly started to appear now is beyond me - I just know I want it GONE or at least hidden. The L'Oreal Paris Magic B.B. Cream has helped me do a good job of that while still letting my skin breathe. That is something I really appreciate and can be rare to find. I have tried dozens of different concealers, foundations, tinted moisturizers and powders over the years. This one is my favorite.

That being said, I thought to best demonstrate the coverage, you would want to see some before and after photos. I'm hardly afraid to show myself without a stitch of makeup - my skin is what it is. I will admit that it looks better when I eat better, get good amounts of sleep, work out and have low stress levels... but this is the real world and I rarely maintain that kind of heavenly schedule. :) The stress part has especially been high lately so my skin is certainly wearing some flair buttons right now, as I like to say...

Here it is for you: Not a single stitch of makeup. Fresh from the shower. Acne, visible pores, dark circles. All things no one really likes to have, but it is what it is.

This is after using just the L'Oreal Magic B.B. Cream. I like that it provides a more even base for me. It takes away a lot of my redness and covers up my acne decently enough. Most importantly: It feels so light - like I am literally wearing nothing! (Note: I never add any makeup to my forehead because my bangs are not a fan of sticking to makeup!)

My typical completed look: Added a little extra coverage with some concealer, a little bit of eyeshadow/eyeliner, mascara, blush and gloss. (And in desperate need of a hair cut! Just disregard that!)

Perhaps you're wondering at this point what the heck B.B. Cream even is.... I understand! I had to google it when I first heard of them because I had no idea either! I kept seeing all kinds of these new creams pop up with no explanation of what they even were. Well, "B.B." stands for beauty balm. The L'Oreal B.B. Cream comes with the promise that it has four actions - prime, perfect, hydrate and correct. I found that it stood by that promise:

  • Prime: I own a Stila primer but never feel the need to use it with this cream. It covers smoothly without any help.
  • Perfect: It lightly covers my acne and red spots just like a foundation would - without the heavy feel. Admittedly, I do still use concealer as I feel I need the extra coverage in certain areas.
  • Hydrate: I don't use a moisturizer with it at all. While I do have dry spots, I wouldn't consider my skin to be especially dry so this might be different for each person. Keep in mind, though, it is winter in Michigan. And I still don't have to use a moisturizer with it. Awesome.
  • Correct: I can honestly say I have seen an improvement in my skin. I have seen a little bit less acne and have noticed that a lot of my older acne spots have started to fade. 

Overall, at around $10.95 a bottle, I can 100% feel comfortable recommending this product. It can be found in drugstores, is budget friendly, and lasts! A little goes a long way and will last you all day. I love this as an addition to my everyday look. It is so easy to apply and I never feel like I have to worry if my makeup looks or feels obvious. This is light but effective.

Disclosure: I was provided the L'Oreal Paris Magic B.B. Cream (in Fair) free of charge from SheSpeaks. This review, however, was written by me personally and reflects my personal opinions after trying the product. I was not expected to provide a favorable review.

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